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Brazilian cameraman caught in the crossfire while covering police operation outside Rio de Janeiro

Cameraman for TV Bandeirantes Gelson Domingos died in a firefight between police and drug traffickers on Nov. 6 in the Antares favela in Santa Cruz, west of Rio de Janeiro, reported G1. Domingos was covering the police operation in the community when he was shot with a rifle. Read more »

Brazilian journalist fired, threatened after opinion piece linking senator to the "fuel mafia"

Brazilian journalist José Marcondes was fired from the radio station where he was a political commentator and received threats in the aftermath of an opinion piece criticizing a senator from Mato Grosso, the journalist told the news site Repórter MT. Read more »

Protestors known for purposefully interrupting live broadcasts collide with Brazilian TV reporter

Brazilian television reporter Monalisa Perrone was violently interrupted by several men while reporting the status of former President Lula's health for TV Globo's Jornal Hoje on Oct. 31, reported O Globo. Read more »

Brazilian blogger's computer equipment confiscated

As a result of a judicial decision, Brazilian blogger Noel Júnior had his home office equipment confiscated in the municipality of São Francisco do Itabapoana, the blogger said on his site. Read more »

Brazil's new sunshine law won't shine without media, public support

The bill enabling the constitutional right to access public information in Brazil passed its last hurdle in the South American country's Senate on Oct. 25. The Senate approved the reforms made by the lower house in 2010 and resisted amendments in favor of sealing some secret government documents indefinitely. Read more »

After years of delays, Brazilian senate passes sunshine law, which awaits president's signature

Nearly two years after the bill was first introduced in the National Congress, the Brazilian Senate approved the Public Information Access Law on Oct. 25, reported G1. During the bill's long road to ratification it depended on the support of the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji in Portuguese), the NGO Article 19, and the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Along with these organizations, journalists like Fernando Rodrigues, who led the campaign for the right to access to information in Brazil, were also critical in the bill's passage. The only step left is President Dilma Rousseff's signature. Read more »

Federal police agent threatens Brazilian journalist

Brazilian journalist Everaldo Fogaça was threatened by the head of the Federal Police, Eduardo Brun de Souza, according to the newspaper O Globo. Fogaça was testifying at police headquarters after being indicted for publishing on his news site the manifesto from a student group on strike at the Federal University of Rondônia. Read more »

Photos of police attack at gay pride parade land Brazilian journalist in jail

A Brazilian photographer was arrested after refusing to delete photos of police attacking two young people participating in a gay pride parade on Oct. 16, in the city of Itabuna, Bahia, reported the newspaper Correio 24 horas. Read more »


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