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New online collaborative map records corruption in Brazil

Inspired by the recent protests in Spain that, since March, have demanded economic and electoral system changes, filmmaker Raquel Diniz, 31, created a collaborative map to pinpoint cases of corruption in Brazil, according to Folha de S. Paulo. Read more »

Brazilian president bows under pressure to support permanent secrecy of official documents

After backlash from some government officials, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has changed her mind about a proposed information access law, and now supports the ability to keep official documents secret forever, reported Terra. Read more »

Brazilian legislators preliminarily reject use of Internet for official communication

The Science and Technology, Communication and Information Commission of the lower chamber of Congress in Brazil rejected a bill that would have specifically allowed the use of the Internet as an official outlet for publication of federal, state and local information, according to IDGNow. Read more »

Using crowdfunding to finance journalistic projects in Brazil (Q&A)

”Crowdfunding”, a term used to describe networking, usually via the Internet, to pool money and resources, is starting to take off in Brazil. An explosion of crowdfunding websites, like Catarse, Multidão, Movere and Benfeitoria, are just some to come on the scene. Read more »

Brazilian journalists increasingly relying on online social networks, research shows

From searching for information to contacting sources, social network sites increasingly are impacting the routines of Brazilian journalists, according to new research from Oriella PR Network 2011 distributed in Brazil on Tuesday, June 7. Read more »

City councilman allegedly tries to strangle Brazilian reporter

Journalist Moreira Neto reports in his blog that Councilman Zé Gomes allegedly attacked him after a June 3 council meeting in the northern city of Paço do Lumiar, Maranhão.

According to Quarto Poder, Gomes reportedly kicked and punched the journalist, damaged his camera, and tried to strangle him. Read more »

Brazilians pay tribute to journalist Tim Lopes nine years after his killing

Youths from the slum German Complex in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro paid tribute to assassinated journalist Tim Lopes on Thursday, June 2, nine years after the reporter was killed in that same region, according to G1. Read more »

Brazilian politician and soccer team owner threatens reporter who exposed his wealth

Zezé Perrella, the president of the Brazilian soccer team Cruzeiro and former federal and state deputy for Minas Gerais, has vowed retaliation against a journalist, Amália Gurgel, of the newspaper Hoje em Dia, after a May 29 story that revealed Perrella had not declared all his possessions or property, according to the blog Chico Maia. Read more »


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