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Former Brazilian president criticizes the press, praises bloggers

At the II National Meeting of Progressive Bloggers, held June 17-19 in Brasília, Brazilian ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva criticized the press and thanked bloggers for their support during the electoral campaign that brought Dilma Rousseff to the presidency, according to Agência Estado. Read more »

Brazilian journalist accused of aiding tax fraud suspects

Brazilian journalist Wagner Florêncio Império is being investigated by São Paulo police for allegedly using his position as a reporter to obtain secret information about police investigations and give that information to tax fraud suspects in the city of Taboão da Serra, reported Folha de S. Paulo. Read more »

Brazilian senators call for prompt reinstatement of degree requirement for journalists

On the floor of the Brazilian Senate, legislators called for a vote “as soon as possible” on a constitutional amendment reestablishing the requirement to hold a media-related degree to practice journalism, Agência Senado reports. Read more »

Brazilian mayor accused of threatening journalist after article linking him with corruption scheme

Gaspar Domingos Lazari, the mayor of Confresa, in the western Brazil state of Mato Grosso, is accused of sending “henchmen” to threaten journalist Leandro Nascimento because of articles that revealed corruption at city hall, reported Gazeta Digital. Read more »

New online collaborative map records corruption in Brazil

Inspired by the recent protests in Spain that, since March, have demanded economic and electoral system changes, filmmaker Raquel Diniz, 31, created a collaborative map to pinpoint cases of corruption in Brazil, according to Folha de S. Paulo. Read more »

Brazilian president bows under pressure to support permanent secrecy of official documents

After backlash from some government officials, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has changed her mind about a proposed information access law, and now supports the ability to keep official documents secret forever, reported Terra. Read more »

Brazilian legislators preliminarily reject use of Internet for official communication

The Science and Technology, Communication and Information Commission of the lower chamber of Congress in Brazil rejected a bill that would have specifically allowed the use of the Internet as an official outlet for publication of federal, state and local information, according to IDGNow. Read more »

Using crowdfunding to finance journalistic projects in Brazil (Q&A)

”Crowdfunding”, a term used to describe networking, usually via the Internet, to pool money and resources, is starting to take off in Brazil. An explosion of crowdfunding websites, like Catarse, Multidão, Movere and Benfeitoria, are just some to come on the scene. Read more »


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