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Argentine organization criticizes massive journalism layoffs across the country

The Forum for Argentine Journalism (FOPEA) condemned last week a string of massive layoffs in media outlets that have taken place all throughout December and January. The outlets have argued the layoffs are part of internal reorganizations but FOPEA cited possible political retaliation as a motive prompting some of the decisions. Read more »

Argentine police detains and threatens photojournalist while covering protest

Argentinean police officers are being accused of detaining, beating and threatening an independent photographer who was covering a violent protest in a Buenos Aires municipality last month.

Brian Palacio, 25, was detained on Dec. 30 after photographing National Gendarmerie officers in the process of arresting and allegedly hitting protesters during a blackout at a shopping center in the port city of Avellaneda. Read more »

Argentine journalist accused of instigating police strike, lootings faces sedition charges

Juan Pablo Suárez, editor of the Argentine digital newspaper Última Hora, faces sedition charges after being accused of helping instigate the police strikes and widespread looting that swept the country last week, newspaper Clarín reported. Read more »

Argentina needs transparency laws to replace ineffective public information tools, journalist says

Journalist Juan Carlos Simo, member of the Argentine Journalism Forum (Fopea), sat down with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and talked about transparency in his country and other issues during the 11th annual Austin Forum, hosted at the University of Texas at Austin. The Forum focused on access to public information this year. Read more »

Argentine journalist to go to court for allegedly helping military dictatorship cover up human rights abuses

Agustín Juan Bottinelli, former news editor of magazine Para Ti, will go to court for allegedly collaborating with the Argentine dictatorship to clean its image. According to progressive Argentine paper El Tiempo Argentino, the case could set a new precedent for judging human rights abuses and complicity. Read more »

Inter-American Court’s defamation decision represents blow to freedom of expression in Argentina, CPJ says

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the autonomous regional court under the Organization of American States, has decided for the first time that criminal defamation doesn’t affect freedom of expression in an unprecedented ruling that the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) called a major setback for the region. Read more »

Transparency grows in Brazil but stalls in Argentina, Austin Forum panelists say

Journalists in Argentina are calling for a law that grants them true access to public information and ensures that state agencies comply with information requests, said Juan Carlos Simo, a member of the Argentine Journalist’s Forum (FOPEA), who spoke about transparency in his country during the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas’ 11th Austin Forum, which took place Nov. 8-9 at the University of Texas at Austin. Read more »

Supreme Court declares Argentina’s controversial media law constitutional

The Argentine Supreme Court declared today the country’s controversial media law constitutional, dealing the final blow to media conglomerate Clarín’s attempts to resist complying with the legislation, newspaper La Nación reported. Read more »

Last six months were the worst for journalism in the Americas in recent years, IAPA says

The last six months represented the worst semester for journalists in the Americas in the last five years, according to the Inter American Press Association, news agency EFE reported. The killing of journalists and the various government measures that restrict access to information were some of the reasons that IAPA cited during its General Assembly, which took place in Denver last weekend. Read more »


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