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New CNN initiative aims to turn Google Glass users into citizen journalists

In an early attempt to leverage what could become an important tool for citizen journalists around the world, CNN has launched a new initiative to recruit Google Glass users who want to share their stories, photos and videos. With the move the cable news network has become the first major media outlet in the United States to embrace the new wearable technology. Read more »

Two CNN journalists arrested for trying to break into NYC’s One World Trade Center

Two CNN journalists reporting on a series of recent break-ins into New York City’s yet-to-be-inaugurated One World Trade Center were arrested on Tuesday after trying to sneak into the building, The Washington Post reported. Read more »

Tribune Company lays off 700 employees amid revenue declines, restructuring plans

The Tribune Company, which owns the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and six other daily newspapers, will lay off 700 employees as part of an effort to reorganize itself, the company announced on Wednesday. Read more »

U.S. Internet activist, former WikiLeaks informant receives 10 years in prison

Jeremy Hammond, a 28-year-old Internet activist and WikiLeaks informant from Chicago, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and three years of supervised release on Nov. 15 after pleading guilty to hacking into the servers of the Texas-based private global intelligence company Strategic Forcasting (Stratfor) and leaking the information he gathered to WikiLeaks. Read more »

Holder defends AP phone seizures, Obama pushes for federal shield law

United States Attorney General Eric Holder defended the Justice Department’s seizure of The Associated Press’ phone records on Tuesday, May 14, as part of an investigation into one of “the top two or three most serious leaks that I’ve ever seen,” Holder said, according to The New York Times. Meanwhile, the uproar surrounding the inquiry prompted the Obama administration to push for a federal shield law for journalists. Read more »

Dispute between journalists, Ecuadorian government continues after incident with U.S. ambassador

A series of public spats between a journalists' union in Ecuador and the country's government continues a week after the United States ambassador participated in an event with journalists on World Press Freedom Day, Friday, May 3. Read more »

Obama OK’s new open data rules for more accessible public information

President Barack Obama took some heat from media critics earlier this spring when he declared that his administration was the “most transparent" in history but an announcement today takes him one step closer to making good on that boast. Read more »

Press organizations urge Obama to push for greater protections for journalists during his trip to Mexico, Costa Rica

On Thursday, May 2, the press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF in French) published an open letter to United States President Barack Obama urging him to use his visit to Mexico this week, his first trip abroad during his second term, to strike a firm commitment to protect freedom of expression and end impunity for press crimes in the troubled country.  Read more »

Despite errors, broadcasters get good marks on their coverage of Boston bombings

Viewers were forgiving of media fumbles during the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing last week but the credibility of one of the United States’ biggest news brands, CNN, was badly damaged, according to several sources.  Read more »


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