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Paraguayan journalist suffers three murder attempts in three days

Gabriel Bustamante, a reporter based in the southern city of Ayolas who works with FM Ayolas, La Nación, and Crónica, survived three alleged murder attempts last week, the Paraguayan Journalists’ Union and Reporters Without Borders (RWB) report. Read more »

CPJ blames Honduran government for rash of journalist killings

A new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) says the government is “fostering a climate of lawlessness” that has led to the deaths of nine media workers this year, including seven in just two months. Read more »

Mexico’s Zeta magazine, an example of “suicide journalism”

At a time when journalists are targets of organized crime and violence against reporters goes largely unpunished, declaring an editorial war against corruption and drug trafficking seems suicidal. Read more »

Mexico reworks office that investigates crimes against journalists

The attorney general’s office decided to restructure the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Journalists, which will now focus specifically on crimes against media workers who are attacked for their profession, El Universal and EFE report. Read more »

Colombian intelligence official identified as mastermind behind death of journalist Jaime Garzón

Not only paramilitaries, but also government agents were involved in the 1999 killing of prominent journalist and humorist Jaime Garzón. Read more »

IAPA calls for deaths of Brazilian journalists to be judged at federal level

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) asked the Brazilian government and legislators to approve a proposed Constitutional amendment that would allow killings and attempted killings of journalists to be judged at the federal level. IAPA issued a declaration and sent to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Congress members a letter signed by newspaper readers from across the continent. Read more »

A year after the coup, Honduras deadly for journalists

One year after President Manuel Zelaya was ousted from office, Honduras has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, according to the International Press Institute. The article includes a timeline of the murders of Honduran journalists in 2010.

The IPI is urging the government to take action to stop the killings of journalists. Read more »

New measures considered to protect journalists in Mexico

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission intends to establish an area within the organization dedicated to following step-by-step each case of aggression against journalists, reports the newspaper El Universal.

The goal is to fight impunity and guarantee justice for journalists who have been attacked, threatened or intimidated in the course of doing their job. Read more »

IAPA documentary marks sixth anniversary of Mexican journalist's killing

The Inter American Press Association is kicking off a workshop about how to diminish journalists' risks with the debut of a documentary commemorating the assassination of journalist Francisco Ortiz Franco in Tijuana, Mexico, on June 22, 2004, according to the newspaper El Universal. Read more »

Prosecutor orders capture of alleged killers of Honduran journalist

It appears that the killing of reporter David Meza Montesinos will not go unpunished. After weeks of investigations, the attorney general has issued an arrest order against four people accused of killing the TV and radio reporter last March, Radio América and El Heraldo report. Read more »


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