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Venezuelan journalists quit Globovisión in protest to censorship, firing of colleagues

Three reporters resigned from Venezuelan TV station Globovisión on Mar. 28 in protest against the channel’s alleged censorship practices and the dismissal of their team of cameramen and technicians. Read more »

Venezuelan media group Globovisión breaks off alliance of more than a decade with Colombian network

The Venezuelan TV network Globovisión put an end this week to their partnership with Colombian conglomerate RCN Televisión. The reasons behind the rupture were not specified but in the last two months the differences between the editorial lines of both media groups have grown. Read more »

Under new ownership, Venezuelan TV station loses thousands of Twitter followers after firing journalist

Thousands of Venezuelans that used to support Globovisión, a television channel that before being sold a few weeks ago was known for its opposition to the Chavista governmentexpressed their resentment on Twitter and​ unfollowed the channel after journalist Francisco 'Kiko' Bautista was fired, reported newspaper El Universal. Read more »

Sale of opposition TV station in Venezuela raises questions about its future editorial line

After the sale of Venezuelan TV station Globovisión -- known for many years for its staunch opposition to the chavista government -- statements from the new owners suggest that the channel's editorial line will be less critical, reported newspaper El Comercio. Read more »

Globovisión asks Venezuelan government to end "unfounded accusations" after shootout

On Tuesday, Sept. 4, officials from the Venezuelan broadcaster Globovisión asked the Attorney General to end "unfounded accusations" by government officials after one of the channel's employees was supposedly involved in a shootout, reported the website La Información. Read more »

Globovision reporters detained while reporting on an oil spill caused by Venezuelan state oil company

A news team for the Venezuelan television broadcaster Globovisión was detained by the country's Bolivarian National Guard as they tried to cover an oil spill in the community of Pararí, in the state of Monagas, reported the International Freedom of Expression Exchange on Jan. 27. Read more »

$2 million fine against Venezuelan TV station spurs demand for greater voice in telecommunications policy

On Dec. 11, the Venezuelan National Association of Journalists (CNP in Spanish) released a statement expressing concern over the $2 million fine the government levied against opposition television station Globovisión. The group presented the statement after the decision to deny 59 Globovisión reporters the opportunity to participate as interested parties in the fine's appeal, according to the website El Carabobeño. Read more »

Chávez supporters beat opposition TV channel journalists covering a patients' protest

Reporter Guillermo Colina, a cameraman, and a technician for the Venezuelan opposition television station Globovisión were attacked by supporters of President Hugo Chávez while covering a patient protest outside a military hospital in the capital of Caracas, reported the Press and Society Institute on Nov. 7. Read more »


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