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OAS announces investigation into the death of Brazilian journalist killed during the military dictatorship

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), a branch of the Organization of American States, decided to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Brazilian journalist Vladimir Herzog in 1975, during the military dictatorship, reported the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. Civil society organizations filed the request in 2009 and it was accepted by the IAHRC in November 2012. Herzog's family members announced the decision on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Read more »

Truth commission to investigate crimes against journalists during military dictatorship in Brazil

Violence and abuses committed against Brazilian journalists during the military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985 will now be closely investigated by the Memory, Truth and Justice Commission, launched by the National Federation of Journalists (FENAJ in Portuguese) during the Read more »

Brazilian NGO launches press worker safety campaign

Brazil got off to a tragic start to the new year with the first killing of a journalist in 2013. The new year, however, also saw the launch of the Vlado Journalist Protection campaign, organized by the Vladimir Herzog Institute (IVH in Portuguese). Read more »

Puebla, Mexico sees rash of death threats against reporters

The House of Journalists' Rights in Mexico warned that there were four cases of death threats in the state of Puebla, according to the newspaper El Heraldo. Read more »

Argentine reporter claims he was threatened by ex-military officer on trial for torture

An Argentine journalist claimed he was threatened by a retired military officer who is being prosecuted for possible crimes against humanity, reported the newspaper Diario de Cuyo. Claudio Leiva, reporter from San Juan, Cuyo, said he was threatened in one of the court bathrooms when he ran into ex-military officer Gustavo Ramón De Marchi after his public hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Read more »

Los Angeles Times' publication of graphic photos against Pentagon's wishes stirs debate on media ethics

After delaying publication of graphic photos depicting U.S. soldiers posing with corpses in Afghanistan, on Wednesday, April 18, the Los Angeles Times went ahead and ran the images, despite objections from the Pentagon, explained The New York Times, prompting debate about the responsibility of the media in informing the public versus protecting national security. Read more »

Uruguayan journalist says his cell phone was intercepted after reporting on military

An Uruguayan journalist said his cell phone was intercepted, as he noted that his contacts had been receiving calls from unknown persons coming from his phone number, reported the digital newspaper El Espectador on Sunday, March 31. Read more »


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