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Carolina de Assis is a Brazilian journalist who lives in São Paulo. She holds a master's degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from the GEMMA Programme – Università di Bologna (Italy) / Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands) and has worked as a news editor at Opera Mundi, a Brazilian international news website. She is especially interested in journalistic initiatives aimed at promoting human rights and gender justice. You can find her on Twitter: @caroldeassis

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Recent Blog Posts:

In investigating the past, journalists rewrite collective memory of human rights violations in Latin America

Everyone wants to be masters of memory and omission, wrote French historian Jacques Le Goff in the early 1980s, about the disputes between different social groups for the collective memory of a society. In studying the relationship between communication and history, Brazilian communicator Marialva Barbosa took up the idea of Le Goff to affirm that journalists are also "masters of memory," since on a daily basis they select and determine what should be remembered and what can be forgotten. Read more »

Man suspected of drug trafficking sues Peruvian journalists and media outlets for defamation and asks for $210 million

Note: This story has been updated to include responses received from Óscar Castilla late the night of Nov. 8. Read more »

Study from RSF/Intervozes shows high concentration, low transparency and political and religious interference in Brazilian media

Brazil is in "red alert" due to the high concentration of audience, of property and geographical location, lack of transparency and economic, political and religious interference in the country's media. Read more »

New global project created to publicize “forbidden stories” of threatened journalists begins with Mexico

The "Forbidden Stories" project launched Oct. 31 by Reporters Without Borders (RSF for its acronym in French) and the Freedom Voices Network aims to protect the stories of journalists who are at risk or under threat for doing their jobs: to report. Read more »

Brazilian media conglomerate Grupo Globo announces changes for greater integration between print and digital

Brazil’s Grupo Globo, one of the world’s largest media conglomerates, announced changes to the direction and operation of its two main print outlets, newspaper O Globo and weekly magazine Época on Oct. 23. The changes point to an attempt to renew the media organizations in the context of the newspaper’s digital expansion and the decreased print circulation of both publications. Read more »

Bolivian lawmakers exclude journalists from legislative article penalizing poor professional practice

The text was updated to include approval of the article by the House of Representatives.

After meeting with media associations and journalists in Bolivia, the leaders of the country's legislature decided to exclude press professionals from controversial Article 200 of the new Penal Code, which sanctions bad professional practice. Read more »

Nexo wins at ONA 2017 and becomes the first Brazilian outlet to be honored with excellence award in online journalism

On Oct. 7, the Brazilian digital newspaper Nexo won a 2017 Online Journalism Award (OJA) in the category "General Excellence in Online Journalism - small newsrooms.” As a result, the outlet became the first in the country to win the top category of the prize from the Online News Association (ONA), which recognizes the excellence of digital journalism around the world. Read more »

Mexican photojournalist found dead one day after being abducted in San Luis Potosí

Mexican photojournalist Edgar Daniel Esqueda Castro was found dead on Oct. 6 in San Luis Potosi in central Mexico, a day after being kidnapped by men who allegedly identified themselves as police officers.

His body was found near Ponciano Arriaga International Airport with signs of torture and execution, according to El Universal. Read more »


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