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Organizations warn of escalating legal actions against private media outlets in Venezuela

The recent surge of legal actions against private media outlets in Venezuela has caught the attention of several journalism organizations, who have described them as attacks on freedom of expression. Read more »

Protests in Brazil heighten debate on quality of mass media's coverage

Amid the massive protests spreading throughout Brazil -- sparked by an increase in bus fares -- the mass media coverage also has become a target of criticism. Read more »

Tense climate worsens for Venezuelan media even without Chávez in power, states RSF


"For the first time in many months, reporters of the AN [National Assembly] could enter without problems," said Venezuelan journalist Janet Yucra in her Twitter account on Tuesday, June 11. Yucra is referring to the prohibition of the press from entering and covering the Venezuelan legislative body, which began a new session in February of this year. Read more »

Journalists criticize Chávez’s posthumous journalism award in Venezuela

On Wednesday, June 5, former President Hugo Chávez posthumously received the National Journalism Award Simón Bolívar, reported newspaper El Universal. After his death on March 5 this year, Chávez was lauded as the "supreme leader of the Bolivarian Revolution for his support of the country's public and popular media during his administration." His family will receive the award on his behalf on June 27, the Day of the Journalist in Venezuela, news site Noticias al Día said. Read more »

Seven tips in science journalism for finding good story ideas

Creating narratives in science journalism can be difficult, demanding and time consuming. In many cases the topics are dry, scientific publications are complicated to understand and the research is not always easily accessible. To facilitate the entry of their findings into the media, many universities and scientific magazines periodically pitch story ideas to reporters. Read more »


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