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Ecuadorian journalist considers taking President Correa to court for recent attacks

The publisher of the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo said that he is considering filing a lawsuit against Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa for the president's recent attacks against the journalist, which "put his and his family's integrity at risk," reported the news agencies AFP and EFE. Read more »

Colombian radio journalist demands respect for his profession after being attacked while reporting

A Colombian radio journalist was hit in the face while trying to report about citizen complaints in the tax office of the Gobernación de Bolívar in Cartagena, Colombia, reported the newspaper El Universal. Read more »

Numerous Peruvian journalists attacked in just two days

Numerous journalists in Peru have been attacked in recent days. On Wednesday, July 4, police attacked at least five journalists who were covering the state of emergency declared in the region of Cajamarca, in the northern part of the country, where violent anti-mining strikes persist, reported the Press and Society Institute. Read more »

Colombian guerrillas release pamphlets targeting two radio stations

On Tuesday, July 3, the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army of Colombia released fliers criticizing the journalistic work of the radio stations Caracol and RCN in the department of Arauca, in northern Read more »

Argentine Journalism Forum proposes limiting amount of moral damages that could be claimed against journalists

On Tuesday, July 3, the Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA in Spanish) released a proposal to limit the financial amount of moral damages that could be claimed against journalists. The proposal, which will be sent to the Argentine Congress, calls for the limit to be tied to the minimum wage, reported the news site Read more »

Ecuadorian journalist who photographed robbery shot to death

On Sunday, July 1, an Ecuadorian journalist was shot nine times and killed by two men on a motorcycle close to his house in the town of El Triunfo, about 38 miles from the coastal city of Guayaquil, reported the Ecuadorian NGO Fundamedios. Read more »

Photographer for local government in Ecuador receives death threat

An Ecuadorian journalist received death threats via an anonymous phone call. The journalist and her family are currently under police protection after filing a complaint, the newspaper El Telégrafo reported. Read more »

Third Bolivian radio station attacked with dynamite in less than two weeks

In less than two weeks, a third radio station was attacked with dynamite in Bolivia, in the southeastern city of Oruro, during the early morning hours on Tuesday, June 26, the Sole Union Confederation of Rural Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB in Spanish) reported, according to the Fide News Agency (ANF in Spanish). Read more »

Attempts to censor public television in Paraguay prompt concern, protests against new government

On Wednesday, June 27, Reporters Without Borders expressed its concern over for freedom of information in Paraguay after the controversial impeachment and removal -- what some are calling a coup -- of President Fernando Lugo on June 22. Since then, the new government has attempted to censor the public television station TV Pública de Paraguay. The channel was launched as the country's first public TV station in May 2011. Read more »


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