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Maria Hendrischke is a Master's student in Communication Studies, focusing on political communication. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Maria is from Germany and joined the Knight Center as a volunteer during her semester abroad at the University of Texas at Austin.

Recent Blog Posts:

Cuban dissident blogger completes first year of detention

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, the Cuban author of the critical blog Los hijos que nadie quiso (also available in English as "The Children Nobody Wanted") completed the first year of detention of his five-year sentence on Feb. Read more »

Impunity persists two years after the killing of journalists in Bolivia

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns the fact that two years after the killing of brother-and-sister journalists Verónica and Víctor Hugo Peñasco, Bolivia’s justice system still has not tried anyone for the murder, even though the prosecution originally arrested ten suspects. Read more »

How to make sure readers understand the news: Editor talks about the importance of clarity in journalism

In her Feb. 3 column in the Columbia Journalism Review, Merrill Perlman, former New York Times copy desk manager and journalism instructor,  highlighted an interesting language issue that has arisen for years each time she asks a set of students to complete an exercise on fact-checking. Read more »

New journalism venture First Look Media launches news site The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald

Former Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald and e-Bay founder Pierre Omidyar launched The Intercept as the first website of their new media company First Look Media with two stories on the National Security Agency on Feb. 10. The Intercept will be part of a whole topically diverse “family of digital magazines published by First Look,” as the company announces on its blog. Read more »

Trial against 11 persons accused of killing Brazilian journalist begins

The trial of 11 persons accused of killing Brazilian journalist and blogger Décio Sá began on Feb. 3 in the Brazilian state of Maranhão – almost two years after the crime took place, Brazilian news organization G1 reported. Read more »

Drones to offer new angle on Salvadorian presidential election

Two media outlets in El Salvador have announced that they are going to use nonmilitary drones to cover the upcoming presidential election. The drones are to provide videos, photos and new perspectives of the Feb. 2 election for the 2014-2019 term, said Salvadorian newspapers El Diario de Hoy and La Prensa Gráfica. Read more »

Spanish photographer missing in dangerous Colombian region dominated by criminal gangs

The Spanish freelance photographer Borja Lázaro is still missing after disappearing on Jan. 8 in the Colombian northeastern department of La Guajira, infamous for drug trafficking and a growing presence of “Bacrim” - criminal paramilitary gangs – Reporters Without Borders informed. Read more »

New report highlights growing violence, impunity in Honduras

In a new report published last week, PEN International, PEN Canada and the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law lamented Honduras’ transition to a life-threatening place where crimes against journalists often go unpunished. Read more »


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