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Beyond the news: Brazilian site innovates by investing in context and multidisciplinary journalism

This story is part of a series on Innovative Journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.(*)

Founded by a social scientist, an engineer and a journalist, the Brazilian news site Nexo was born as a multidisciplinary venture, with the aim of innovating in the form and approach of information. The proposal: leave aside breaking coverage and bet on journalism of context, made by professionals from different areas, that explains the news through multimedia, interactive and data reports. Read more »

After protests, judge reverses ruling to access Brazilian blogger’s communications records

*This post was updated to clarify that the decision was to access communications records, not intercept communications. The translation of Guimarães' Tweet was also edited to better reflect the pronoun used. Read more »

Organizations launch collaborative site that compiles requests made through access to information law in Brazil

The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) and nonprofit Transparency Brazil launched the project Achados e Pedidos (Request and Found), which aims to be the country’s largest platform for requests and responses to the Law of Access to Information (LAI), as well as a tool to monitor compliance with the legislation. Read more »

"I'm going to miss the Amazon": Simon Romero of The New York Times, as he says goodbye to Latin America

The photos on Simon Romero’s Instagram account are microcosms of the places and people has has written about in the region for more than a decade. Read more »

Brazilian reporter detained in Venezuela said he was treated as a criminal for doing his job

Journalist Leandro Stoliar of Rede Record, who was detained in Venezuela while reporting on allegations of corruption, said he was treated "as a prisoner, a criminal" during the 30 hours he was detained. Stoliar said the press is not free to work in the country, where "information is a crime." Read more »

Courses on entrepreneurship and management arrive at Brazilian universities' journalism programs

Renowned university journalism programs across Brazil will open courses on entrepreneurship, management and business from now until 2018, and many have already included the content into their curricula. Read more »

Brazil tries to make journalism programs more practical, more digital and less theoretical, but adaptation is slow and difficult

In Brazil, journalism administrators still face a number of problems reformulating their curricula and adapting to the new guidelines approved for the degree in September 2013 by the National Education Council. Read more »

Latin Americans can earn travel grants for workshop in Brazil on journalism and internet policies

Journalists from Latin American countries have until Feb. 3 to apply to attend a two-week workshop in São Paulo, Brazil on journalism and internet policies. InternetLab, which organizes the crash course, offers travel grants to cover the cost of lodging for journalists selected for the program. Read more »

Chupadados: project for Latin America shows how technologies can steal personal information

“We are in an abusive relationship with our tech gadgets, and we believe they may be possessed by the Chupadados.” This is how the Chupadados project, launched in December 2016, aims to record, through texts and infographics, how technological equipment and services are used in Latin America to collect, store and even sell personal data - often without knowledge of the users. Read more »

“Credibility Project” wants to distinguish quality journalism in Brazil in order to confront fake news wave

A group of Brazilian journalists, researchers and media have joined to create a kind of stamp of credibility for journalism. The project, a partnership between the Institute for the Development of Journalism (Projor) and Paulista State University (Unesp), sponsored by Google Brazil, wants to develop protocols and tools to identify and certify reliable content on the internet. The aim is to differentiate quality journalism from noise online, in the face of a global wave of fake news. Read more »


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