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Paola Nalvarte is a Peruvian journalist and documentary photographer living in Austin, Texas. She focuses on covering and writing about the Andes region. In Peru, Paola worked in the Lima office of the Italian news agency ANSA, on the economic news desk of the daily Expreso, and for ten years she has been working on different editorial projects doing picture editing and research for one of the oldest Spanish-language papers in the world, the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio. She also enjoyed writing for the newspaper weekly magazine Somos

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Recent Blog Posts:

Latin American and Spanish news sites experiment to reach audience and finance quality journalism

(*)For other coverage of the 10th Ibero American Colloquium for Digital Journalism, please see below.

In a global context in which the demand for traditional newspapers decreases and in which the use of information and communication technologies grows, journalists are forced to develop ingenious ways in which to deliver their products. Read more »

ISOJ 2017: Podcasts can positively transform the way the audience interacts with media

Although podcasts have been used for a little more than ten years, both by various digital platforms and by the news media, but mainly by the radio - its narrative prestige in journalism is fairly recent. Read more »

ISOJ 2017: Fact checking is changing the way readers think, but continues to face great challenges

With the global phenomenon of the proliferation of false news, and social networks as the main news sources of readers, the trend of verifying public discourse is spreading at a global level. Read more »

Venezuelan journalist arrested while covering protest against the government remains in jail and will be tried

Young Venezuelan journalist Yonathan Guédez (22), arrested on April 10 along with 30 protesters in one of the Venezuelan social demonstrations against the recent measures adopted by the Supreme Court, remains in prison, according to various local and national media outlets. Read more »

Violence against journalists grows in Mexico, 30 journalists killed during Peña Nieto’s administration: Article 19 Mexico

With 11 journalists killed in Mexico, 2016 became the most violent year for the press since 2000, according to the annual report “Freedoms in Resistance” made by Article 19 Mexico. Read more »

Mexican newspaper Norte shuts down its digital and print editions for lack of guarantees after journalist is murdered

This article has been updated to report the subsequent closure of the digital version of newspaper Norte and the publication's financial crisis. Read more »

Prosecutor's office identifies two suspects in the assassination of journalist Miroslava Breach in Chihuahua

The identification of two of three suspects in the assassination of Mexican journalist Miroslava Breach Velducea have been confirmed, said César Augusto Peniche, district attorney general of the state of Chihuahua, according to the Mexican newspaper La Jornada. Read more »

King of Spain International Journalism Awards recognize professionals from six Latin American countries

Journalists and writers from Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay were honored on March 27 with the King of Spain International Journalism Awards.

IAPA rejects Peruvian bill that aims to control management positions in media outlets

Update (April 5): The controversial Peruvian bill that seeks to regulate who can hold management positions in media outlets was withdrawn. However, the authors of the project, the congress members of the party Fuerza Popular, Úrsula Letona and Alejandra Aramayo, proposed a new version, La República reported.

The new document eliminates just two points from the previous version, according to La República. Read more »

Correspondent killed in Chihuahua is third Mexican journalist killed in the month of March

Journalist Miroslava Breach Velducea, 54, was killed on the morning of March 23 after receiving at least four shots to the head. The journalist was leaving her home in the capital city of Chihuahua state and getting into her vehicle when a group of strangers approached her and began shooting, according to newspaper Norte in Ciudad Juárez. Read more »


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