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Travis Knoll is a Masters student in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin focusing on 20th Century Brazilian and Argentine History. He is an opinion columnist for the university's newspaper, The Daily Texan. At the Knight Center, he focuses on press issues in the Southern Cone with a special interest in media laws and press-government relations.

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Recent Blog Posts:

ISOJ academics debate journalism within the age of digital disruption

Journalism researchers struggled to find the relationship between technology, the public, and news writers at the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) on Saturday.

Specifically, researchers tackled the question of defining what journalists know in a profession of constant change. Read more »

UNESCO reports advances and setbacks on Freedom of Expression in Latin America and Caribbean

Advances on the digital revolution, attacks on journalists, and state-media conflict have marked journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to UNESCO's 2014 report “World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development”.  The document highlights state harassment of journalists, challenges refor Read more »

Globovisión journalist kidnapped amidst wave of violence in Venezuela

Venezuelan journalist and Globovisión newsroom editor Nairobi Pinto was kidnapped by three masked and armed men on Sunday April, 5 news agency Venezuela Al Día reported. Read more »

"Journalism" always comes before "online," say journalists from conflict zones at ISOJ

In online journalism, "online" is never more important than "journalism." That was the main message of Carlos Dada, founder and director of Salvadorian news site El Faro, who was one of the participants at a breakfast panel during the second day on the 15th International Symposium on Online Journalism. Read more »

Journalists discuss media ethics and reporters’ responsibility at ISOJ

At an April 4 panel on journalism ethics during the 15th International Symposium on Online Journalism, journalists and media academics took on a number of basic ethics problems and hashed out long-ranging historical debates regarding the role of journalists in society and their ethical responsibilities to the profession and their readers.  Read more »

Brazil’s human rights secretary recommends police escort program for threatened journalists

Last week Brazil's Secretary of Human Rights Maria do Rosário announced new recommendations to protect journalists, which would include providing a Federal Police security detail to threatened journalists, reported news portal A Tarde. Read more »

Colombian cameraman shot and killed after months of threats

Two gunmen shot and killed Yonni Steven Caicedo, a 21-year-old Colombian cameraman for TV Noticias and Más Noticias, on Feb. 19 in the Comuna 12 section of the city of Buenaventura, according to the the Press Freedom Foundation (FLIP). Read more »

Brazilian senator lobbies for police protection of humorist who received death threats over satire

Álvaro Dias, senator for the Social Democratic Party of Brazil (PSDB-PR), asked the Brazilian Senate on Feb. 10  to consider giving protection to Fábio Porchat, the director of Porta dos Fundos, due to various death threats made against the satirist Brazilian humor site, G1 reported on Feb. 11. Read more »

Brazilian congressman sues site for satirical video, accuses it of hurting religious freedom

The Delegation for Racial and Intolerance Crimes (Decradi) of the Brazilian state of São Paulo will open an investigation into a controversial video posted by the online website Porta dos Fundos to determine if any laws protecting religious freedom were broken, O Globo reported.  Read more »


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