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Venezuelan Radio Stations "In Limbo" Over Threat to Revoke Their Licenses

Venezuela's radio broadcasters association was seeking details after the chief of the national telecom regulator said the licenses of 240 radio stations (154 FM, and 86 AM) would be revoked for failing to update their registrations with the government, El Tiempo reports.

None of the 426 stations belonging to the association had received notice of the action, and the government has not specified which stations would lose their license, creating confusion among radio broadcasters, Cadena Global says. The association's president lamented that the regulating agency, Conatel, is not promoting communication, but rather seeking to close stations.

The regulator also said it would take disciplinary action against radio and TV stations that broadcast two ads for opposition organizations that, based on "false assumptions," talk about an alleged threat to private property by the Hugo Chávez administration, EFE reports. Among those affected is Globovisión, the opposition TV station that now faces a fifth administrative proceeding in six months, El Nacional explains.

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