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Venezuela's Chávez may create "popular radio" on revoked frequencies

Hugo Chávez has proposed the creation of “people’s radio stations.” They will broadcast over the frequencies of hundreds of stations whose licenses will be revoked by the State for alleged illegal operation, El Universal reports.

The president is supporting an initiative by the public works minister who has begun administrative proceedings against 240 stations that have not updated their licenses with the state telecom company, EFE says.

According to the Associated Press, Chávez said the frequencies would not be returned. He doesn't plan "to give them to the bourgeoisie” but instead will create “popular radio in the hands of the people.”

The Chamber of Radio Broadcasters said none of its affiliates had been told that their licenses would be taken away, and it wasn't known which stations might be affected, El Nacional adds. The Chamber reiterated that the massive revocation of licenses will harm society by limiting information and the media.

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