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Photographer documents pieces of São Paulo's crumbling history

A story in Estado de S. Paulo newspaper describes the work of Douglas Nascimento, who with a small digital camera captures scenes of abandonment in Brazil's largest city.

"Every single Saturday night, when the city is still waking up, this 34-year-old local photographer of 34 roams the most hidden corners of Sao Paulo in search of ruins, filth and degradation," the story says.

Nascimento is creator of the site São Paulo Abandonada (São Paulo Abandoned), which keeps an inventory of buildings that have been "left to their own fate."

The idea was inspired by the Portuguese site Lisboa Abandonada and the Argentine blog Basta de Demoler (Enough Demolition). His team is small but has already documented 120 sites in São Paulo. “I take a photo of the place, ask a historian friend to research the address, and I locate it on a map so any one can find it. Mainly so the City can find it and do something," he explains.

After creating a section for complaints, the site started receiving 1,000 hits a day.