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Seconds after meteorologist Erin Perez pointed on the map and forecast a rainy weekend in Florida, her boyfriend Marty Cunningham walked on to the set as she stood in front of a low front in West Texas. He knelt in front of the Gulf of Mexico and popped the question. She accepted, in disbelief.
Download at Huffington Post (Video). read more »

Peter Deslandes of BBC news and his team took over the responsibility of creating a new version of the BBC Weather site in 2007. Deslandes writes in the BBC Journalism Labs blog how the team strived for an "agile" Web site, that focuses on interaction and collaboration with the customer and the ability for the site to respond to changing circumstances easily. read more »

The Galveston County Daily News in Texas managed to keep publishing, even when Hurricane Ike tore off part of the roof and reduced its equipment to a single cell phone, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Editor Heber Taylor was blogging as the eye of the storm passed over the coastal city. The power went out as he put the period to his last sentence: "We are about to lose contact." read more »

The weather reports about Hurricane Gustav did not persuade Sheila Moragas to leave her home in a suburb west of New Orleans. It was the 38-year-old mother’s shrinking number of online friends on the Twitter micro-blogging network that convinced her on Sunday that it was time to evacuate, writes James Janega of the Chicago Tribune. read more »

Before Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, hurricanes were considered stories that lasted only a couple days, but Katrina’s enormity caught TV networks unprepared. For Hurricane Gustav, TV networks have been preparing since late last week, bringing in hundreds of journalists and support staff, and positioning equipment and supplies, writes Paul Gough for the Hollywood Reporter. read more »

Gustav’s passage through Jamaica and its projected path toward Cuba forced traditional media and bloggers into action after Gustav brought dozens of deaths in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica. read more »