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The release of various political prisoners does not mean Cuban authorities are tolerating any type of free expression on the island. read more »

Independent journalist Guillermo (Coco) Fariñas has refused food for nearly three months to protest treatment of political prisoners on the island. His story has been widely reported by English- and Spanish-language media. read more »

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Spain's foreign ministry is trying to influence the Castro government to prevent the possible death of independent journalist Guillermo (Coco) Fariñas, who has refused to eat or drink since Feb. 24, EFE reports. read more »

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The death of political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo after an 85-day hunger strike brought calls from foreign governments and human rights groups for Havana to release all political prisoners. But on the island, the news emerged slowly about Cuba’s first jailed dissident in almost 40 years to die after a hunger strike. read more »

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Judith Torrea, a Spanish-born reporter, has covered U.S.–Mexico border issues such as the drug trade, immigration, and border policy for nine years. She was attracted to Ciudad Juárez since her first visit 12 years ago, despite its naming by a Mexican watchdog group as the world’s most violent city. read more »

Sánchez, who recently reported being detained and beaten up by presumed state agents, submitted interview questions to Presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama, two leaders whose actions, she says, “are determining the fate of my country.” read more »

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The island’s most famous blogger, author of Generation Y, said she and a fellow blogger were punched and forced violently into a car by presumed state security agents, Juan Tamayo reports for the Miami Herald. The bloggers were walking toward downtown Havana to take part in a protest march organized by musicians. read more »

The virtual community mobilized this week to protest restrictions on press freedom, association, and mobilization in Cuba and to demand freedom for political prisoners, Spain's ABC reports. read more »

Havana has confirmed what many already expected: Yoani Sánchez is denied permission to leave the island to accept the Maria Moors Cabot Prize on Wednesday at Columbia University in New York City, EFE reports. read more »

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Authorities in Guyana were seeking the blogger(s) who alarmed thousands of people with a false report that a commercial bank had requested a $5 million bailout to avert a collapse, the Associated Press reports. The bank denied the report, and police called it "erroneous, wicked and intended to cause public mischief." read more »

The theory of Chilean writer Juan Pablo Meneses, published in his blog Periodismo Portátil (Portable Journalism), is simple: "The bloggers who publish on the Web in a large communication medium are (even though they haven't realized it themselves) like a hotel pianist... read more »

Janine Mendes-Franco, Caribbean editor for GlobalVoices, explains how bloggers in Guyana have widely reported that Oxfam International described recent severe flooding in Guyana as “a full blown natural disaster” that met "weak coordination on the ground." One emergency management official has been fired since the report was issued, Mendes-Franco says. read more »

Peter Orszag has been chosen by Barack Obama to be his director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Currently director of the Congressional Budget Office, Orszag has maintained a blog since December 2007, which makes him the first blogger asked to join a Cabinet, ABC News reports. read more »