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Shirley Sherrod, an African American who was dismissed from her position at the Department of Agriculture after an edited video painted her as racist, said she would “definitely” sue blogger Andrew Breitbart over the clip, CNN reports. read more »

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Journalists who work for print, broadcast or online media in Colombia, Ecuador or Panama can apply until April 23 for the “Multimedia reporting seminar-workshop on the Afro population in Latin America,” to be offered June 7–12 at the New Ibero-American Journalism Foundation (FNPI) in Cartagena, Colombia. read more »

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz notes that many of the beat reporters covering the first lady are African American women. "Most write with enthusiasm, in some cases even admiration, about the first lady as a long-awaited role model for black women," he says. read more »

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In his column this week for The New York Times, Bob Herbert encourages the media to cover more homicides in the U.S., and not to limit its coverage to victims who are attractive and white. read more »

“The Congresswoman has no one to write for her,” Correo's headline said, satirizing Congresswoman Hilaria Supa, whose native language is Quechua, and who was photographed during a legislative session when she took notes that were captured with a telephoto lens, the Associated Press reports. (See a full story in English on the Living in Peru site. read more »

Activists from the Stamp It Out campaign convinced British newspapers The Guardian and The Observer to create new guidelines against using the phrases "primitive" and "Stone Age" in describing indigenous people, Global Voices reports. read more »