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TOPIC: Bolivia

Prosecutors have asked journalist José Pomacusi, the director of the magazine Poder y Placer (Power and Pleasure) and the TV show No Mentiras (No Lies) to explain his alleged connections to a terrorist organization in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, EFE reports. read more »

Four journalism organizations are oppenly opposing a new electoral law, enacted three weeks ago, which they say violates free expression. (Read the full text PDF of the law in Spanish here.) read more »

The Journalistic Ethics Tribunal of the National Press Association in Bolivia reprimanded the editor of the newspaper La Voz, in Cochabamba, for an article, based on rumors, about the supposed failure of the Banco de Crédito de Bolivia, one of the country's principal banks, reported La Prensa. read more »

President Evo Morales enacted an electoral law that is drawing criticism from the opposition and the press for being a gag for the media during election times, reported La Razón.

The new rule applies to elections, referendums and local propositions; limits the publication of surveys/polls; and prohibits the dissemination of partial election results, explained the agency DPA. read more »

Bolivia's National Association of the Press (ANP) has condemned the aggression against journalists and the obstacles they face in covering politics, after a journalist and two videographers were attacked by a rock-throwing crowd of sympathizers of Sucre's Mayor-elect Jaime Barrón, reports Los Tiempos.

The journalists, who weren't hurt, work for the government-run Channel 7. read more »

"I've brought my rifle, and I’m going to shoot you,” Mayor Percy Fernández of Santa Cruz warned a TV reporter and a cameraman who had insisted on questioning him about his plan to reorganize the city’s public markets, Los Tiempos and El Mundo report. read more »

Defense Minister Rubén Saavedra says the military is ready to comply with a Supreme Court order to declassify documents from the military dictatorship led by General Luis García Meza (1980-1981), AFP reports. read more »

President Evo Morales ordered the opening of archives from its period of military dictatorship (1964–1982), Agência Brasil reports. In addition to revealing important data about the nation's history, the initiative could help locate the remains of people who disappeared during the regime. read more »

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President Evo Morales supports a bill proposed by the ruling party that would remove a reporter's right to keep sources secret while maintaining special courts that rule specifically on media crimes, La Prensa reports. read more »

The leftist government of President Evo Morales, who easily won re-election this month, has seized more than 10 square miles of land (2,500 hectares) that will go to landless Indians, the Associated Press reports. read more »

The president, who is running for re-election in Sunday's elections, said the media are working at the service of the "neoliberal right" and accused editors of manipulating their employees, El Deber reports. read more »

Police officials have charged five special forces agents accused of attacking a reporting crew from TV PAT last weekend in Santa Cruz, El Deber reports. In addition to the internal investigation, a civil lawsuit has been filed. read more »

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A public defender and several press groups asked for private broadcaster Red Uno to be punished after airing hidden camera footage of a 13-year-old woman being raped by four men in the city of Santa Cruz, The Associated Press reports.

The situation remained unclear, however, after read more »

Judge Marcela Siles has issued a ruling prohibiting Aldolfo Cerrudo, an activist accused of repeatedly attacking journalists, from being near reporters or places where they are working, La Razón reports. read more »

A reporter and cameraman for the Santa Cruz branch of the private TV network Unitel were covering a prisoner transfer when the police shot at the crew, beat them, destroyed a camera, and took away their footage, La Razón reports. read more »

The controversial mayor of Santa Cruz, Percy Fernández, has drawn criticism from journalism groups and unions for saying that he wants journalists to “die” because they are foolish “traitors,” La Prensa reports. read more »

Official rules guarantee the rights of citizens and reporters to access public information, but at least six government departments don’t follow those laws, La Prensa reports. read more »

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) urged officials to promptly investigate acts of violence and intimidation reported in recent days. read more »

Latin American radio stations are seeking new ways to organize and broadcast content as more people access information digitally. read more »

The visit of an Inter American Press Association (IAPA) commission to Bolivia, has highlighted the increasingly deteriorating relationship between the government of president Evo Morales and the domestic media, Opinión reports. read more »