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Some 70 news vendors demonstrated against the mayor's proposal to remove newspaper and magazine stands from the city center, the R7 site reports.

More than 80 of the area's nearly 500 news dealers were ordered to move their stands, Bom Dia Brasil says. read more »

Zachery Kouwe resigned after his editors reported that he had copied parts of stories by The Wall Street Journal and Reuters and inserted them into his own work for The Times and its DealBook blog. read more »

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Recent research into the social spread of news showed that readers are more likely to e-mail articles that are positive, practical, or inspire a sense of awe, The New York Times reports. read more »

U.S. soldiers had been in Haiti 11 days before they got the first copies of Stars and Stripes, the newspaper that operates independently within the military structure and follows troops to war fronts. read more »

The WSJ announced last year that it would boost its coverage of New York City and State, but the paper’s New York coverage looks bigger than planned, Mediabistro says. The New York Observer reports that the Journal’s New York bureau is slated to launch April 12 with about three dozen employees—about three times more than the dozen or so the paper had originally expected. read more »

Exactly two weeks after shutting down, Editor & Publisher, the “bible of the newspaper industry," has returned online, and the monthly print magazine will resume in February. Mark Fitzgerald, a 26-year E&P veteran who served as editor at large, was named the new editor. Two senior staffers, editor Greg Mitchell and Joe Strupp, a senior editor, were not offered jobs by the new owner. read more »

The country’s largest publisher of urban daily newspapers was pushed into bankruptcy by its major creditors over the objections of its CEO, The Toronto Star reports. See other stories here. read more »

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The Business Insider calls it a gossipy, mud-flinging contest, and Britain's The Guardian says the back-and-forth seems more typical of Fleet Street than Manhattan.

Here’s the play-by-play: read more »

The print and online journal known as the Bible of the newspaper industry reports its own closure, saying employees will remain for the rest of December. read more »

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Britain’s Guardian led the initiative to convince 56 newspapers to publish some form of this editorial on their front pages. A team of writers and editors produced three drafts until all editors involved were satisfied, the newspaper explains. See details about the project here. read more »

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The line between journalists and ad salespeople used to be clearly drawn. Reporters and editors handle the news, and a sales staff cared for the business end. Those lines continue to blur. read more »

The world’s largest assembly of news publishers opened in India Tuesday with its president condemning the “wholesale slaughter” of 30 colleagues in the Philippines, the Inquirer of Manila reports. read more »

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The new acts were revealed firsthand by the country's two largest newspapers and by Radio Corporación, the only opposition radio station that broadcasts nationwide, AFP reports. read more »

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The owner of the Toronto Star, Canada’s most widely circulated paper, plans to replace 100 unionized editors—one in three of its newsroom staff—with employees working on contract, probably outside the country, Bloomberg reports, citing a union leader. read more »

Protesters belonging to the truck drivers' union prevented Clarín and La Nación from leaving their printing plants, Momento 24 reports. Only a portion of the dailies could be delivered in some provinces in the interior. read more »

The first night I drove into Austin, Texas, in 1993, I’d never logged onto the Internet, but I already knew of the city’s attractions, including the Sixth Street live music magnet. read more »

As more readers switched to online news, average weekday circulation at 379 dailies fell 10.6 percent from April to September from the same six-month period last year, Reuters reports, citing the U.S. Audit Bureau of Circulations. Sunday circulation measured at 562 papers dropped 7.5 percent. (See Editor & Publisher's story.) read more »

The expansion of The New York Times into local markets, such as the creation this month of a San Francisco edition, has given a new twist to the concept of a national newspaper. This week, The Times shares more news of its plans to launch a Chicago edition next month with content to come from a new local partner. read more »

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The New York Times spent months searching for a buyer, but the Boston Globe didn’t attract high offers, and its finances had improved, so the Times says it’s keeping the paper. read more »

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The news industry has shed almost 36,000 jobs since Sept. 15, 2008, and more than 46,000 positions since Jan. 1 of that year, Unity: Journalists of Color reports. That rate far outpaces the loss of jobs in other sectors, Unity’s Layoff Tracker report says. See full study (PDF file). read more »