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The president of the Chilean journalists guild, Rodrigo Miranda, criticized the country's mainstream media for ignoring the hunger strike, that began July 12, by 32 indigenous Mapuches imprisoned in southern Chile, reported BBC Mundo. read more »

Ecuador's 14 indigenous nationalities will be able to present proposals that will help them get low-frequency radio permits for at least one citizen-based, "community radio" station in each nation, El Telégrafo newspaper reports. Guidelines should be available in two weeks. read more »

Indigenous groups and individuals are being encouraged to use the blogosphere to dispel myths about their cultures and draw attention to their causes, Deborah Icamiaba writes for the Global Voices blog network. read more »

Activists from the Stamp It Out campaign convinced British newspapers The Guardian and The Observer to create new guidelines against using the phrases "primitive" and "Stone Age" in describing indigenous people, Global Voices reports. read more »

A group of Manitoba native chiefs are urging hate charges to be filed against the CBC after a study of several online news sites found 25 "racist and hateful" comments posted on its site since last April, the Globe and Mail reports. read more »

"Indigenous journalism would seem to be in a stage similar to what environmentalism experienced a few decades ago: born of necessity and protest, it is caught in a constant state of tension between activism and professionalism," writes Diana Cariboni for Inter Press Service (IPS).

Indigenous organizations serve both as sources and media at the same time, said Silsa Arias, of the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), at a training workshop organized by IPS in La Paz, Bolivia. read more »

Brazil's indigenous affairs agency, Funai, has limited the entry of journalists, as well as religious workers and the police, in 38 communities and 18 camps in a region of Mato Grosso do Sul state with an indigenous population of 40,000, Folha de S.Paulo reported.

Funai says the measures seek to reduce violence and the entry of alcohol and drugs, and that they were requested by the community's leaders. read more »