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Following Twitter’s example, Facebook has created a “Facebook + Media” site with resources to help journalists and web developers increase participation and traffic, the Nieman Journalism Lab reports.

Many of the practices are simply Facebook PR – i.e. “make a page and put your content on our site” – but there are other insights that journalists should note: read more »

“The Impact of Digital Technology on Journalism and Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean,” by Guillermo Franco, published by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and the Open Society Foundations Media Program, is now available in English and Spanish and can be downloaded in PDF format for free on the Knight Center’s website. read more »

Every week, economic data is released and new laws are passed that often appear to be of interest only to niche audiences, but a knowledgeable reporter can turn this news into important stories for larger audiences.

One way to cover the economy is to dive right into the complexity yourself: read more »

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IJNet notes that journalists who are experienced covering the social and economic impacts of HIV/AIDS can apply for one of 30 fellowships to attend a four-day training program that will take place in Vienna before the 18th International AIDS Conference in July. read more »

IJNet notes that the manual (available on line as a PDF file) analyzes the situation of women in political life and identifies journalistic barriers to gender coverage and suggests alternatives for incorporating the topic of women and politics in the news agenda. read more »

BBC has launched a two-week series of radio, TV and web-based reports about the Internet and how it has changed lives. In this post, BBC's director of global news Peter Horrocks introduces the series, SuperPower: Exploring the extraordinary power of the Internet. read more »

In a piece for Columbia Journalism Review, Montreal–based journalist Craig Silverman, editor of, compiles a list of habits and practices to help writers and editors keep their work honest. read more »

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Here are some upcoming training opportunities for journalists in the Americas:

* Story-telling and Multimedia Workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico, offered by the New Ibero-American Journalism Foundation (FNPI). The course is offered to journalists no older than 33 who have at least three years of professional experience. Applications are accepted until March 18. See details here. read more »

The book written in Spanish by Argentine journalist and trainer Sandra Crucianelli was published online in January and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. A Portuguese version was published this week and can be accessed for free from this page of the Knight Center’s website. read more »

William Bonner, host of TV Globo's National News, and Rachel Maddow, a host and commentator for MSNBC, tied for the first place award in the journalism category of the “Shorty Awards”, known as the Twitter Oscars. read more »

In 140 characters or less:

EMediaWorld (a PR newswire) will name winners of the 2nd Shorty Awards, March 3. A Brazilian leads the votes. More next week! read more »

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A reader asked BBC technology blogger Rory Cellan-Jones for a crash course in citizen reporting and in particular, for rules and tips on technology. His response could lead you to some useful information that you may not know about. read more »

Governments are uploading vast sets of public records to the internet, and media outlets are building new tools to make it reach the public. The Guardian of London has created a World Government Data site, a gateway to thousands of datasets on 19 government data portals including: read more »

A new report by the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) highlights media websites that use innovative techniques to share and aggregate data from their own reporting and government records. read more »

Journalists who wish to learn more about using digital tools in their daily work can download a PDF of this new book in Spanish for free here.

"Digital Tools for Journalists" by Sandra Crucianelli of Argentina is a practical manual. It includes chapters on the use of databases and official documents, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and specific tools such as video conferencing, photo galleries, and blogs. A Portuguese version of the book will be available soon. read more »

Colombia's Newsroom Council (CdR in Spanish), an investigative journalism organization created in 2007 with the Knight Center's assistance, launched the new site this week. read more »

Here are two publications in Spanish that can be downloaded for free:

* Handbook of independent journalism, by Deborah Potter, executive director of NewsLab. According to Stephanie Falla Aroche, of Maestros del Web, the book, which was first published in English, is especially useful for people who are new to digital journalism. read more »

The International Journalists' Network (IJNet) has compiled this information about several different prizes and courses for journalists throughout the Americas: read more »

Ten news agencies will collaborate on a project to engage readers around the world in news from the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 7–18.

They will operate a joint page on Facebook, The Climate Pool, giving users access to reporters and editors covering the summit, and allowing response from around the world, read more »

The New Ibero-American Journalism Foundation (FNPI) has scheduled a webinar in Spanish called “Eight web tools for practical and passionate journalism”.

The seminar will be led by author and online journalism expert Francis Pisani and will cover new tools for better microblogging, map design, data and source organization, and search engine optimization. read more »