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Behemoth publication USA Today, part of the Gannett Company's chain of newspapers, has announced a massive overhaul that will de-emphasize its print version and focus more on digital content for mobile devices, reported The New York Times. read more »

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has announced plans for a U.S. national digital newspaper to be available exclusively on mobile phones and tablet computers like the iPad, reported the Los Angeles Times (LAT).

The goal would be for the new publication to compete with The New York Times, USA Today, and other national newspapers. read more »

Journalists from around the world who have at least five years professional experience are eligible to apply for the 2011 Kiplinger Fellowship in digital media.

The week-long fellowship, March 9-16 at Ohio State University, will teach journalists how to better use social media in their jobs. For example, participants will learn about sourcing, online searches, telling multimedia stories, and search engine optimization. read more »

One fourth of adults worldwide read a daily newspaper everyday, according to the annual "World Press Trends" report, explained Editor & Publisher.

The report from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers was generally optimistic, Editor & Publisher said. read more »

From the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), we learn that at least three media workers were among those killed. read more »

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Journalists need more than a basic understanding of new technology to work in the digital media environment. To teach Latin American and Caribbean reporters and editors to go beyond the basics of digital journalism, the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas is offering the online course in Spanish, “Digital Media Project Development,” which will take place Feb. 22–April 4, 2010. Applications are available online until Feb. 7. read more »

Most discussions about the role of media in urgent, breaking news situations—like the Haiti earthquake—focus on new media's advancements in the processes of gathering and distributing news. read more »

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While TV reporters flew to Haiti, joining CNN's Anderson Cooper, who arrived early Wednesday, eyewitness accounts and images flowed through Twitter and Facebook within minutes, and the Columbia J read more »

Prepare to see URLs next year that you will only understand if you read Chinese or Arabic, Japanese or Hebrew, or other non-Latin languages. read more »

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Members of journalist organizations throughout the Americas are gathered this weekend at the Seventh Austin Forum on Journalism in the Americas. The meeting is sponsored by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and the Open Society Institute’s Media Program. read more »

Precisely at the moment when Barack Obama took office, the Obama-Biden transition team ended its work, and the new administration began, not only on the Washington Mall, but also at

PCMag says, “Like before it, the newly revved White House site is expected to maintain many of the Web 2.0 user-generated elements that Obama used in his online campaigning.” read more »

In today’s Globe and Mail (of Toronto), media reporter Richard Siklos takes an interesting look ahead at the media’s role in the story that will dominate U.S. news next week: the Democratic National Convention. read more »