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Writer for Blog del Narco confronts economic problems, desperation in her self-exile in Spain


"Lucy," the mysterious author of Blog del Narco, posted a letter in which she details the loneliness and economic problems she confronts during her self-exile in Spain.

“Sometimes it is even funny to me that all this is happening to someone who had a comfortable life, an almost assured future, and smiles around her every day, but I started Blog del Narco and my luck changed," she wrote.

In the her blog, Lucy describes herself as a Mexican citizen who dared to reveal the atrocities caused by drug traffcking violence in Mexico and currently finds herself with no support or protection.

Thinking back, she said, she would have still started the Blog del Narco, a site that used to show graphic images of killings, beheadings, and tortures committed by organized crime members. However, having known all that has happened, "I would have tried to saved enough money to go live in a safe place and live calmly."

According to her most recent post, Lucy barely has enough money to eat and has also tried to get help from the Mexican Embassy in Spain, "but I cannot, obviously I cannot, definitely I cannot," she wrote.

 “I am only someone who provided information in the most critical moments of the war against drugs, a girl that lifted the blindfold of millions of Mexicans, a woman who helped many families identify their dead loved ones and their bodies, a young person who made thousands of young people try to change their lives' paths. Only that, did I do," Lucy concluded.

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