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Bomb detonates at television station's headquarters in Paraguayan capital

A home-made bomb exploded Wednesday at the headquarters of Channel 9 in Asunción, Paraguay, but no one was injured, reported The explosive detonated near the station's antenna and left a hole in the wall of the building, according to the newspaper ABC Color.

At the time of the explosion, the program "Each Day's Morning" was on the air, and the television presenter reported live what was happening.

Police found a second explosive at the entrance to a park near the station. Concerned about the possibility of further attacks, the station decided to evacuate the building and operate with just 30 percent of its employees, reported ABC Color.

Yolanda Castillo, the channel's producer, told the newspaper Última Hora that she suspected the bomb was left by drug addicts who had been filmed by the channel in the same area. A Colombian citizen was detained as a suspect.


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