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Knight Center blog tracks journalist threats in Mexico

The Knight Center’s blog Journalism in the Americas has created a map pinpointing the killings and kidnappings of journalists and attacks on media workers in 2010. It shows how violence has occurred in states throughout Mexico, making the country one of the most dangerous in the world for journalists.

The map by blogger Ingrid Bachmann shows where journalists and media workers in 11 states have been killed, kidnapped, or attacked, totalling 22 incidents.

Three states account for nine of those crimes, including Tamaulipas (northeast, on Texas border), where a car bomb exploded and grenades were thrown outside offices of the Televisa TV network; and at least eight journalists were abducted during a dispute between the Gulf cartel and its former security force, the Zetas.

In Michoacán (center-west), a newspaper columnist was kidnapped and fatally stabbed; another columnist became the fourth journalist to disappear in the state since 2006; and a print journalist was shot to death.
In Guerrero (south), a newspaper editor was killed, and two journalists, a husband and wife, were shot to death at their home.

Bachmann’s map is the second in a series of original content produced by the Knight Center’s blogs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Knight Center blogger Maíra Magro produced a map of electoral censorship that took place ahead of the Oct. 3 elections.

See more coverage of Mexico by the Knight Center blog including this post about President Felipe Calderón's pledge to protect journalists.

View Knight Center map of threats against journalism in Mexico in a larger map.



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