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President’s comments curb talk of regulating media in Uruguay

A panel of experts charged with developing a new broadcast law in Uruguay has submitted its final report to the industry minister and will be presented to President José Mujica in the second half of 2011, El País newspaper and the Prensa Latina news agency report.

However, discussions could be paralyzed after Mujica’s remarks that he would trash any eventual proposed press law and that he opposed press regulation.

Mujica’s chief of staff said the president has delayed discussion about a media law, Últimas Noticias and sitio 180 add. The president was criticized by leading newspapers, including an editorial in El País and an opinion piece in La República.

The committee of experts included academic researchers and representatives of civil society and the media. It covered themes like diversity and transparency, the promotion of media’s social responsibility, and the production of national content.

See a summary of the final report by the technical team or a PDF file of the complete report (in Spanish).


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