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Knight Center offers new online course in Spanish “Editors in Times of Internet”

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas will offer the new course “Editors in Times of Internet,” from March 14–April 24, 2011, for editors in Latin America and the Caribbean. The instructor is veteran Colombian journalist María Teresa Ronderos. Applications will be accepted online until Feb. 28. (See this page for more information.)

"The general idea of the course is to open discussions with editors about the difficult challenges of their profession in a changing world, with new media in growth, and traditional media in decline,” says Ronderos, who has created this course specifically for the Knight Center.

"We will also discuss some of the multiple tasks that an editor has to deal with on a daily basis, and what issues they must address to improve or guarantee the quality of the media or section they edit,” she adds. “Editors will be able to hear the work views of very prominent editors in the journalistic field today, like Chuck Lewis, Gustavo Gorriti, and Miguel Ángel Bastenier.”

The class will be conducted entirely on line and is divided into weekly modules containing audiovisual presentations, documents, and online resources. The course contains weekly exercises, online discussions and forums, and additional assignments. Students can work at their own pace according to their preferred schedules but will be expected to complete the weekly assignments.

Students selected to participate in the course will be asked to pay an administrative fee of US$50, which will cover a small part of the operating cost of the distance education program. All participants who satisfactorily complete the course will receive a certificate of participation from the Knight Center.

Ronderos is editor of and a past president of the Press Freedom Foundation of Colombia. She will be assisted in the course by Paul Alonso, a Peruvian journalist who is a member of the Knight Center staff and a doctoral student in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. (Austin time) Feb. 28. Applications are available at:

This blog is produced at The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin and funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


Al wrote 6 años 38 semanas ago

2 questions

Is there a way to register to the course? I could not find one.

Summer Harlow wrote 6 años 37 semanas ago

Registration closed

Hi Al.
As the story said, "Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. (Austin time) Feb. 28. Applications are available at:"
Unfortunately, registration already has closed. Hopefully you will be able to take this or another Knight Center course in the future.
Summer Harlow
Blog editor
Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

Cardinal wrote 6 años 39 semanas ago

Knight Center offers new online course in Spanish

This is an exciting example of good integration of higher learning and high tech education. Combining distance learning courses with journalism is an incredible concept. The initiators of this should be commended.

asri wrote 6 años 39 semanas ago

great info!

hi there, though I'm not a latin american or carribean journalist, but I'm still greatful to have known this inspiring info. Hopefully Indonesia will have this kind of course in the future...

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