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Second journalist killed in Peru in 2011

On Thursday, Sept. 8, Peruvian journalist Pedro Alonso Flores Silva died after being shot two days earlier, reported the Press and Society Institute.

Flores was the director of the news program Visión Agraria on channel 6 in the province of Casma in the region of Ancash, on the northwestern coast of Peru.

Someone wearing a hood shot the journalist twice near his home on Sept. 6, according to Radio Programas del Perú (RPP).

The journalist's wife, Mercedes Cueva Abanto, said that for the past three months, the journalist has been receiving death threats related to his reporting on supposed acts of corruption in the city of Comandante Noel. That city's mayor, Marco Rivera, had previously sued the journalist for defamation, reported El Comercio.

Flores was the second journalist killed in Peru this year, and both occurred in the northwestern region of the country, according to IPYS.

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