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U.S. President Obama sits down for interview with bloggers

In yet another sign of the changing times in journalism, on Wednesday, Oct. 27, U.S. President Barack Obama sat down with progressive, political bloggers for a quasi-press conference, which is thought to be the first such event, reported the Huffington Post.

According to MSNBC, the bloggers invited to the White House included AMERICAblog’s Joe Sudbay; Eschaton’s Duncan Black; Barbara Morrill of DailyKos; Crooks and Liars editor Jon Amato; and Oliver Willis, who runs

While bloggers "rightfully criticize" traditional journalists for asking softball and irrelevant questions, it turns out the bloggers couldn't do a better job themselves, according to Ryan Chittum of the Columbia Journalism Review. He called their questions "weak," "poorly constructed," and "lame." While he admitted there were a few good questions and follow-ups about gay rights, in general it was "not exactly an inspiring performance by the blogs," he wrote.


Learn Spanish Confidently And Naturally In Singapore wrote 7 years 24 weeks ago

Blogger style!

It was such a honor for a blogger to interview U.S. President Obama. Blogger are not professional like those media reporter so question ask by them most likely will be straight forward. So in other point of view, their question may not be irrelevant.

Guest wrote 7 years 25 weeks ago


Many americans are not near as interested in parties as we are in solutions. Where is integrity and honesty? Not in Obama or Washington. He is breaking Americas back. Neither of the Dems or the Rep. have a great track record. We have seen them both sell out to lobbyist. When american citizens can't manage their finances we are quickly told so! Not our govenment. They just print or borrow from peter to pay paul.
We'd rather see representitives who aren't out to get rich off their govenment position which they do. Seems odd you can become a millionaire off less than 200,000 dollar salery.

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