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Republican 2012 candidates boycott debate after Univision report embarrasses Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

Five of the Republican presidential hopefuls are boycotting a debate organized by Univision after the Spanish-language network aired a story about the arrest of Senator Marco Rubio's (R-Fla.) brother-in-law on drug trafficking charges in 1987, reported The Miami Herald. Read more »

New Knight Center online course in English aims at improving reporters' social media skills

Journalists today have unprecedented access to the communities they cover. Savvy journalists use a growing kit of tools and techniques to take advantage of this situation. To help others connect with the reporting potential behind these new technologies the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas is offering a new course in English, "Social Media Optimization," on how journalists can maximize social media in their jobs. The course will be taught in English a last from Oct. 31 to Nov. 27, 2011. Registration is open until Oct. 19 and costs $60. Read more »

Immigrant rights groups boycott Los Angeles radio show, demand hosts be fired

Latino and immigrant rights groups have called for a boycott of the “John and Ken” radio show, demanding that Clear Channel Radio-Los Angeles take the show off the air because the radio hosts promote hate speech, reported the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. Read more »

Steve Jobs: Apple and its troubled relationship with the press

A week after Steve Jobs died, reporters, bloggers and commentators are still analyzing how Apple technologies have changed the way we communicate and live. Considering the mark he left on the world of media and gadgets, it is worth examining how Jobs, 56 when he died, dealt with the press. Read more »

Cuban journalist expelled from Havana for the ninth time in two years

Journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Arias of the Hablemos Press agency was detained on Sept. 30 and is currently awaiting expulsion from the Cuban capital of Havana to his hometown of Camagüey in the east of the communist country. Read more »

U.S. journalists arrested, roughed up while covering Occupy Wall Street protests

The arrests of at least three U.S. reporters covering the Occupy Wall Street protests, coupled with reporters who have been maced and beaten with police batons, is further complicating the debate over who is a journalist and the "everyone’s-a-journalist rhetoric that defines our media these days," according to the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR). Read more »

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