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Authorities in Uruguay investigate police attack on sports journalist

Police in Uruguay's second largest city, Salto, opened an internal investigation on Jan. 19 to determine responsibility for an attack on the reporter Luis Díaz for the newspaper El Pueblo, reported the publication. Read more »

Mexican court says broadcasters' debates violated election laws

Following the Mexican Electoral Court's decision to investigate more than 60 radio and television stations for interviewing candidates for the governorship of the state of Michoacán, the National Congress of the Radio and Television Industry sent a letter to the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE in Spanish) asking for clarification of the rules regarding the broadcasting of debates, reported the newspaper Milenio. Read more »

Another journalist attacked covering transportation protests in Brazil

A Brazilian journalist was attacked and his camera was damaged while covering a protest on the streets of Teresina, in the state of Piauí on Jan. 19, reported TV Piauí. The reporter believes his attacker was a security guard with the Union of Urban Transport Businesses of Teresina. Read more »

Citizens' reports: A guide to crowdsourcing websites in Latin America

From elections in Brazil to mapping power in Chile to a stand-in for Wikipedia in the United States, journalists throughout the Americas are using crowdsourcing to cover the news. The Americas Society/Council of the Americas (AS/COA) noted that crowdsourcing, or turning to a large group of citizens to perform a task that normally would be done by an individual, has "become a popular method for citizen participation" that allows "users to report crimes anonymously...due in part to violence against witnesses and journalists." Read more »

Student website prompts firestorm of false news as U.S. media scramble, prematurely reporting Paterno's death

In another example of news organizations jumping the gun as false information spreads like wildfire across Twitter, U.S. media outlets prematurely reported the death of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, driving home the lesson that "social media tools do not need to force news organizations to compromise their standards," according to The New York Times. Read more »

Computer-assisted reporting expert speaks with the Knight Center about new tools for data journalism (VIDEO)

Knowing how to write source code and manage data sets are skills no longer reserved for nerds; data journalism is a growing field in reporting. But, if you're not part of the (big) group of journalists that aren't familiar with coding, you can still take advantage of some digital tools to lessen the work behind a story. Read more »

Venezuelan journalist shares tips on how to avoid cyber attacks

Despite the Internet's essential role in journalism today, few reporters take the issue of cyber security seriously. Recent cyber attacks on journalists in Venezuela reinforce the fact that the Internet is not without its risks.

Venezuelan technology journalist Luis Carlos Díaz, who received threats from pro-President Chávez hackers, says that it's possible to avoid online attacks with simple measures. Díaz shared his recommendations with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas on how to avoid becoming a victim of online crime. Read more »

Chilean government puts a stop to bill that would have allowed warrantless access to media archives

The Chilean government announced that it will withdraw the "Hinzpeter Bill," a proposal that would have permitted authorities to demand media companies turn over their archives to the police without a warrant, reported ANSA. Read more »

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