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Brazilian sports TV journalists attacked by Argentine soccer fans

Journalists from the Brazilian channel SporTV were attacked by fans of the Argentine soccer team River Plate, in Buenos Aires, after the team's 2-0 loss to Belgrano, another Argentine team, reported Terra. Read more »

Reporter blamed for injuring a journalist for state-run media in southern Mexico

A Mexican journalist was seriously injured in the head and received a 12 cm.-long cut in the face on Sunday, June 19, in the southern state of Chiapas, reported El Economista. Another reporter was mentioned as a possible suspect responsible for the attack. Read more »

Ecuadoran president accuses media observation group of receiving U.S. funding

Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa is questioning the independence of some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country, accusing them of receiving funding from the U.S. international development agency, USAID. Read more »

Guest post: Brazil’s information access law and the right to know

Guest post by Fabiano Angélico*

Some scholars link the presence of a freedom of information law in a county to its level of social and economic development. After all, the first country to pass such a law was Sweden, a nation that charts highly on human development indices. The second was Finland, another place considered among the best in the world to live. The United States was the third country to pass a law guaranteeing access to public information. Read more »

Reporters use Knight Center online courses platform to learn and practice investigative journalism

Corruption, irregularities and complaints were common themes of investigative projects that Latin American reporters tackled during intense online courses and workshops organized by Reporteros de Colombia (Reporters of Colombia) and IPYS (Press and Society Institute) of Peru, using the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas distance learning platform. Read more »

Applications now being accepted for new Social Media for Journalists course

When it comes to using social media, Robert Quigley believes that journalists make a big mistake—they tend to treat it as a one-way street. “Social media, at its heart, is social,” said the journalist, who is the social media editor for the Austin-American Statesman. “When journalists try to treat it like a one-way street, they build no community and then write it off as a waste of time.” Read more »

Pulitzer winner’s disclosure prompts U.S. media to reflect on ethical implications of immigration coverage

A growing movement among immigrants to the United States who “come out” as residing in the country without authorization has drawn major media coverage as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas announced in a long-form New York Times piece that he was an undocumented immigrant from the Philippines. Read more »

WikiLeaks announces partnership with Brazilian investigative journalism center

WikiLeaks cofounder and editor Julian Assange recently signed an agreement with Pública, a non-profit investigative journalism center that was launched in March by three Brazilian journalists, Terra Magazine reports. Read more »

Students attack journalists in Peru and Venezuela

The Press and Society Institute (IPYS) issued two alerts for journalists who were attacked and threatened on university campuses in Peru and Venezuela. Read more »

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