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Canadian press freedom group surveying journalists' treatment at G20 summit

After four journalists covering the anti-G20 summit demonstrations filed complaints against police, the group Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) has decided to survey journalists who “believe their freedom of expression was compromised by police/security personnel,” according to Editor & Publisher. Read more »

Mexico reworks office that investigates crimes against journalists

The attorney general’s office decided to restructure the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Journalists, which will now focus specifically on crimes against media workers who are attacked for their profession, El Universal and EFE report. Read more »

Economist Photoshops Obama cover

The June 19 edition of The Economist published on its cover an altered photo of President Obama standing on the shore of a Louisiana beach, The New York Times reported. Read more »

Canadian writer who slams Paraguay’s soccer team gains “Ugly American” fame (Commentary)

In a column for ESPN titled “Not sad to see Paraguay go at all,” writer Chris Jones showed that Canadians, too, can compete for the ranking of Ugly American.

Writing from Johannesburg after the team’s 1-0 defeat by Spain, Jones used 635 words to say he was bored watching Paraguay. ("Your soccer team is horrible to watch.") But his tone and lack of knowledge earned him a red card. Read more »

Official Cuban press confirms journalist on hunger strike in serious condition

The official voice of Cuba's Communist party, the newspaper Granma, reported that Guillermo Fariñas is at risk of dying after nearly 130 days of a hunger strike. In an extensive interview, the chief of the intensive care unit of the hospital where Fariñas is staying said doctors have done just about all they can to save his life. Read more »

Chávez issues new warning to opposition channel Globovisión

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez upped his verbal attacks against opposition television station Globovisión, and reiterated that the government could confiscate the channel's stock in order to recuperate the money he alleges the station owners stole, reported El Universal and the Associated Press. Read more »

IAPA criticizes government propaganda campaign against Ecuador's media

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) condemned an “aggressive" television ad campaign by the government of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa against independent news media.

According to IAPA, the ads, which aired during World Cup soccer games, accused the press and radio and television stations of "distorting the truth, attempting to return to running the country as the strongmen and creating a dictatorship under certain media." Read more »

Pentagon tightens interview rules

In the fallout from a controversial Rolling Stone article that got General Stanley McChrystal fired, the Pentagon has ordered that the Defense Department's public affairs staff to be notified before military officials give interviews to the press, reported The New York Times. Read more »

Police attack Jamaican TV journalist

A cameraman for Jamaican television station CVM was assaulted by police and then temporarily detained for attempting to film an alleged police shooting of a shopkeeper in St. Ann, reported RJR News. Read more »

Coast Guard enacts "safety zone" around oil spill, limiting journalists' access to site

Nearly three months after BP oil began spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard has instituted new rules hampering journalists' coverage of the disaster. Read more »

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