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Transparency confronts new obstacles to information access in Mexico

Something is wrong with access to information if the body responsible for overseeing the law that protects information access in a country asks the government to clearly state that it doesn't intend to impede transparency. This is what has happened in Mexico, where the Federal Institute of Information Access (IFAI) called on the Secretary of Government to ratify that lack of transparency and accountability will not be reinstated, reported El Universal and La Jornada. Read more »

Brazilian journalists exchange views of online news at seminar in São Paulo

More than 100 Brazilian journalists, academics, students, and programmers participated in the First International Seminar on Online Journalism on May 29, 2010, in São Paulo. The gathering was organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Cásper Libero College, and the Brazilian chapter of the Online News Association (ONA-Brazil). Read more »

Video marks three years since Venezuelan TV's shutdown

On the recent third anniversary of the forced closure of Radio Caracas Television (RCTV), whose editorial line opposed President Hugo Chávez, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) released a video of Marcel Granier, RCTV’s general manager, discussing attacks by the government against private media. Read more »

Brazilian newspaper owner denies extortion charges and is freed pending trial

Maurício Machado, journalist and owner of Jornal Atualidades in Marília, São Paulo, was granted pretrial release after spending six days in prison under charges of extorting a federal deputy, O Estado de S. Paulo reports. Read more »

Paraguay plans to launch nation's first public TV in 2011

In an interview with Argentine daily Página 12, Paraguay's communications minister Augusto dos Santos says the country wants to launch its first state-run TV network in May of 2011. Read more »

Bolivian military agrees to open dictatorship-era files

Defense Minister Rubén Saavedra says the military is ready to comply with a Supreme Court order to declassify documents from the military dictatorship led by General Luis García Meza (1980-1981), AFP reports. Read more »

Cuba’s official daily publishes critical views on the economy

At a time when independent journalists continue to fear state police harassment for publishing criticisms of the government, and others remain in prison for their work, the Communist Party’s official newspaper, Granma, appears to be increasingly willing to air critical ideas. Read more »

Venezuelans release book about investigative journalism, announce national contest

The Venezuelan chapter of the Press and Society Institute (IPYS) has released its most recent publication, Methods of Impertinence, a collection of best practices and lessons for investigative journalism in Latin America. The book combines testimonies from 10 prominent journalists from the region that were presented between 2005 and 2009 at events in Mexico, and the Venezuelan cities of Caracas, Maracaibo, and Puerto La Cruz. Read more »

Covering Colombia’s elections with new media but old concerns over press freedom

Colombians appear to have been more comfortable with continuity than with change by giving President Álvaro Uribe’s former defense minister, Juan Manuel Santos, a win with approximately 47 percent of the vote, and putting him into a second-round runoff June 20 with Antanas Mockus, the BBC reports. Read more »

Bad redesigns: news sites regress while trying to simplify

“What’s going on with these redesigns?” asks Ryan Chittum of Columbia Journalism Review. Several news sites are using more graphics and “jumbo headlines,” and they require readers to scroll down deeper into the page for more news, he laments. Chittum misses getting more news up high, in only a few blinks. Thinking of print newspapers and their placement of news as either above or below the fold of Page 1, he describes a few recent redesigns this way: Read more »

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