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Journalists attacked with machetes in Northeast Argentina

The Forum of Press and Social Communication Workers in the Argentine province of Misiones condemned the aggression and death threats against journalists Daniel Villamea, of the newspaper El Territorio, and Aníbal Romero, of Canal 8, in the city of Oberá, reported Territorio Digital. Read more »

Violence in Mexico puts local media in the line of fire

The media suffering most from the killings of at least eight journalists this year in Mexico are those in the interior of the country who are essentially defenseless against the violence, reported the Inter Press Service (IPS). Read more »

Time Magazine pulls free content off website, begins charging

Time Magazine is the latest in a series of news publications to remove its free online content and require a paid subscription in order to access stories.

"We’ll adapt and change. We’re in the hunt like everyone else to figure this out,” Time's managing editor Richard Stengel is quoted as saying in The New York Times. Read more »

Cuba agrees to free political prisoners, journalist ends hunger strike

The Cuban government has said it will release 52 political prisoners, including opposition activists and journalists, The New York Times reported.

The news comes as Guillermo Fariñas, a dissident journalist who has been on a hunger strike for more than four months, is rapidly approaching death. Read more »

Longtime CNN editor fired for controversial Tweet

Another journalist has been fired for what was deemed an inappropriate Tweet, raising questions about the fine line journalists must walk between facts and opinions.

Octavia Nasr, a 20-year CNN veteran based in Atlanta, was fired Wednesday, July 7, from the television network after she Tweeted about her respect for a man whom the U.S. considers a terrorist, reported The New York Times and Reuters. Read more »

Women mostly absent from Guatemalan journalism

Female voices rarely appear -- as sources or journalists -- in Guatemalan media, which use women only for advertising or marketing purposes, said Alva Batres, coordinator of the Presidential Secretary for Women (SEPREM) in the department of Izabal, reported Cerigua. Read more »

Fellowships available for journalists interested in climate change

IJNet is reporting that applications are being accepted through July 11 for 9-month fellowships from the Climate Change Media Partnership.

Aimed at journalists from developing countries who cover the environment, the fellowships will culminate in attendance of the United Nations' Conference on Climate Change in Cancún, México at the end of this year. Read more »

Colombia calls death of journalist Guillermo Cano a crime against humanity

The investigation into the 1986 death of the publisher and editor-in-chief of the newspaper El Espectador, Guillermo Cano, will have no statute of limitations as the prosecution declared the killing, still unsolved, as a crime against humanity, reported El Espectador and El Colombiano. Read more »

Yahoo news blog turning most-popular searches into stories

Yahoo on Tuesday, July 6, unveiled a news blog, called The Upshot, with content created based on what Internet users are searching for, The New York Times reported.

Common search words, phrases and topics will be analyzed, and from there the blog's two editors and six writers will use that data to decide what kinds of news will be covered, the Times explained. Read more »

Disdainful Brazilian TV story about World Cup miffs Paraguay (Commentary)

During the World Cup, the press often takes on the emotions of the fans and makes fun of rival teams. Humor is part of the game. But the tone Brazilian channel SporTv, owned by Globo, used to refer to Paraguay during the recent game has stunned fans, as the channel insulted the country and its people, rather than focusing on soccer. Read more »

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