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70-year-old reporter arrested for article written more than a decade ago

Veteran journalist Carlos Jerónimo Nuñez López was arrested Saturday, June 26, for a 12-year-old libel suit, according to Hora Cero in Panama.

The 70-year-old journalist who worked for the newspaper Crítica during the 1980s has been sentenced to one year in prison.

The National Journalists Guild (CONAPE) has called for his immediate release. Read more »

Reporter shot in face with rubber bullets after soccer match in Argentina

When fans began throwing things onto the field at the end of a soccer game in Las Rosas, a police officer began shooting rubber bullets, two of which wounded journalist Alberto Leichner, according to in Argentina.

According to that article, Leichner was taken to the hospital, where the bullet that entered behind his ear was removed, but doctors have not yet removed the bullet that entered his forehead. Read more »

On Day of Journalist, media issues a call for information access and freedom of expression

Journalists throughout Venezuela celebrated Day of the Journalist on Sunday, June 27. In Caracas, journalists took to the streets, fighting for freedom of expression and an end to attacks against the media, reported El Universal. Read more »

The World Cup beyond soccer: Target of the American right and the campaign against a Brazilian TV station

World Cup coverage has been marked by discussions about more than just soccer games. In the United States, the extreme right declared war against the tournament, seeing it as a foreign ideology, alien to U.S. culture. In Brazil, the fights between the coach Dunga and journalists from Globo television have generated a wave of Internet campaigns against the station. Read more »

BP's public relations reps working as reporters in Gulf

BP has enlisted in-house public relations writers to cover the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, acting as journalists, according to the Huffington Post. Read more »

Press freedom under attack as Day of the Journalist approaches

As Venezuela prepares to celebrate the Day of the Journalist on Sunday, June 27, journalists in that country have found themselves confronting in the past two weeks numerous challenges to the freedom of expression, according to an analysis in El Tiempo. Read more »

Mayoral candidate's fist fight with radio reporter taped and broadcast on the air

Mayoral candidate Luis Cáceres Velásquez in the Peruvian city of Arequipa cussed at and then punched the face of radio reporter Huber Ocsa Llacasi, knocking his glasses off, after the journalist asked Cáceres why he did not leave an event that he was not invited to, reports Correo.

The entire confrontation was taped and aired on La Ribereña, the station where Ocsa works. Read more »

Iceland aims to be global press freedom sanctuary

As news moves online, journalists and media outlets find themselves suffering a mix of old-fashioned attacks on press freedom as well as modern restrictions on internet access, digital news, and hosting leaked documents. Read more »

Semifinalists for the Ibero-American New Journalism Foundation prize announced

The Ibero-American New Journalism Foundation, created by famed Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, announced the 28 stories that are semifinalists in the text category for the New Journalism Prize. Included in the list are works from Clarín in Argentina, CIPER in Chile, Reforma in Mexico, and O Dia in Brazil.

Stories from Colombia, Peru, and Spain also made the cut.
A total of 963 submissions were received. Read more »

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