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Al Jazeera English on the air in Canada after four years

The 24-hour English-language news service based in the Middle East began broadcasting in Canada Tuesday (May 4) on three of the country’s largest cable companies, CBC reports. Read more »

Police officers accused of attacking Colombian journalists covering a march

Police authorities say they'll investigate charges that members of an anti-riot squad in Cali (western Colombia), beat reporters and photographers who were covering a Labor Day protest, RCN radio reports. Read more »

Cries of censorship lead Brazil to alter internet bill

A draft law that establishes internet rights and responsibilities for citizens, business, and the government has received hundreds of responses since the online comment period began last month. Read more »

On World Press Freedom Day, UNESCO urges governments to pass information access laws

Journalists and organizations throughout the world marked World Press Freedom Day Monday (May 3). UNESCO's conference in Australia about defending access to information ended with auma declaration asking countries to enact laws "guaranteeing the right to information in accordance with the internationally-recognized principle of maximum disclosure." See more information about the day's events. Read more »

Police investigate killing of journalist in Bogotá, Colombia; robbery suspected

Óscar Rubio Cárdenas, 75, was killed in his apartment in Bogotá, apparently by two people who attempted to rob him, EFE reports. Read more »

Mexican journalists can apply for online course on covering drug trafficking

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas will offer its online Spanish-language course "Coverage of Drug Trafficking for Mexican Journalists" from May 31-July 4, 2010. Applications for a limited number of spaces in the class will be accepted until May 16.

The course will be taught entirely online by Colombian journalist Alvaro Sierra, who is a faculty member at the United Nations University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica. This is the fourth time the Knight Center will offer the course, and the second time it is being offered specifically for Mexican journalists. Read more »

Honduran government denies existence of attack group targeting journalists; death threats continue

Public Security Minister Óscar Alvarez rejected the claims made by Amnesty International and other non-governmental organizations that point to the existence of an organized group that seeks to silence the Honduran press, Spain's El Mundo reports, with information from news agencies. Read more »

Reporters who covered Vietnam War reunite in former Saigon

The group calling itself the “Old Hacks” reunited 30 members in Ho Chi Minh City to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon, which marked the end of the Vietnam War. Participants recalled the dangers they faced—and the 79 colleagues who lost their lives—in a guerrilla war where they had unrestricted access to report, the Associated Press recalls. Read more »

Argentina's Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo accuse journalists in mock trial

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, an association of women who lost their children during the dictatorship (1976-1983), held a mock trial for journalists and media that they believe were complicit with the military regime, the Buenos Aires Herald and Associated Pres Read more »


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