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Colombia’s investigative reporters to hold 3rd yearly gathering

The “Newsroom Council” (Consejo de Redacción—CDR) will hold its 3rd annual Investigative Journalism Meeting from April 30–May 1, 2010, in Bogotá.

Twelve journalists from throughout Latin America are scheduled to speak at the meeting, which is co-sponsored by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

Speakers will address topics such as investigation of executive powers, organized crime, and the environment. Other panels will focus on digital technology and the use of databases. Read more »

BusinessWeek relaunched as Bloomberg magazine

Five months after the Bloomberg L.P. financial info company bought the ailing 80-year-old BusinessWeek magazine from McGraw-Hill, the new owner has revamped the weekly, added 20 percent more news space, and renamed it Bloomberg BusinessWeek. See this letter from new editor Josh Tyrangie, and these news stories. Read more »

Paraguay invites UN and IAPA to analyze nation's press freedom

Amid growing conflicts with the media, President Fernando Lugo said he is arranging for the UN's special rapporteur and a delegation from the Inter American Press Association to evaluate in an "impartial and disinterested manner" the country's state of press freedom, La Nación reports. Read more »

What are the best pieces of environmental journalism of the decade?

New York University’s recent list, The Top 10 Works of Journalism in the Decade 2000–2009, included only one entry related to the environment: the New Orleans Times-Picayune's newspaper coverage of Hurricane Katrina. So science and environment writer Emily Gertz has compiled her own list of books, articles, and documentaries with environmental themes. See the list published by OnEarth magazine.

Seventh media worker killed in Honduras in two months

Jorge Orellana, known as Georgino, died Tuesday night, April 21, after being shot by a gunman seconds after he walked outside the offices of Canal de Televisión Honduras, where he produced the TV program "En Vivo con Georgino" (Live with Georgino) in San Pedro Sul, El Tiempo reports. Read more »

Veteran photographer is killed at home in Colombia

Arsenio Zambrano Ocampo, a well-known independent photographer, died last week after he was stabbed in his home in Ibagué, in Tolima department, the Colombian Federation of Journalists (Fecolper) reports. Citizens and colleagues were shocked by the news, El Tiempo says. Read more »

Argentina's Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo to demonstrate against journalists who complied with dictatorship

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, an association of women whose children disappeared during the dictatorship (1976-1983), have organized a demonstration April 29 to give an "ethical and political judgement of those journalists complicit" with the military regime. Read more »

Journalist who blogs from Ciudad Juárez wins prestigious Spanish prize

Spanish journalist Judith Torrea has spent 12 years working as an independent journalist. Last year she created the blog “Ciudad Juárez, en la sombra del narcotráfico” (Ciudad Juárez, in the shadow of narcotrafficking), where she reports on the crimes of drug mafias, stories that traditional media aren't always able to report. Read more »

Science reporting workshop offers scholarships to journalists in the Americas

Journalists from throughout the hemisphere who cover science and the environment have until May 14 to enter the selection process for the Ealy fellowship, which will finance the participation in the Jack F. Ealy Workshop on Science and Journalism, in La Jolla, Calif., July 12-16, 2010, IJNet reports (Spanish). Read more »

Ecuador's government to sell TV channels seized in 2008

While Chile's president is pressured to sell his stake in a TV channel, Ecuador's Rafael Correa administration ordered the sale of parcels of shares in two TV stations that were seized by the state almost two years ago, El Universo reports. Read more »


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