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Unknown men attack Argentine newspaper director’s house with home-made bomb

César Ríos, director of Argentine newspaper Síntesis, was attacked earlier this month when a group of unknown men threw a home-made bomb to his house in San Lorenzo, in the province of Santa Fe, according to the Argentine Association of Journalistic Entities (ADPEA). Read more »

Brazilian cameraman hit in the head with explosive confirmed brain-dead

Santiago Ilídio Andrade, 49, a Brazilian cameraman from Bandeirantes TV was injured last week by an explosive device during a protest in Rio de Janeiro. He was confirmed brain-dead on Monday morning by the Municipal Department of health, according to the news outlet Uol. Read more »

Paraguayan farm workers torture journalist covering land dispute

A group of farm workers in the Paraguayan town of Capiíbary, in the central department of San Pedro, briefly held and tortured journalist Alberto Núñez earlier this month in the most recent violent attack against him. Read more »

Argentine police detains and threatens photojournalist while covering protest

Argentinean police officers are being accused of detaining, beating and threatening an independent photographer who was covering a violent protest in a Buenos Aires municipality last month.

Brian Palacio, 25, was detained on Dec. 30 after photographing National Gendarmerie officers in the process of arresting and allegedly hitting protesters during a blackout at a shopping center in the port city of Avellaneda. Read more »

Press freedom organizations denounce murder attempt against Colombian journalist

Several journalism organizations have requested an investigation on last month’s murder attempt against Colombian TV journalist Diego Gómez Valverde in the department of Valle del Cauca. Read more »

28 journalists attacked with pepper spray in Guatemala

Media outlets in Guatemala protested against authorities for the pepper spray attacks that 28 journalists suffered in two occasions while trying to interview Roberto Barreda -- the son of former Chief Justice Beatriz de León -- who is accused of the disappearance and murder of his wife Cristina Siekavizza in 2011, Cerigua reported. Read more »

Distributor of Mexican newspaper attacked and extorted

Mexican daily Reforma reported that a distributor of newspaper El Norte, belonging to the same editorial group, was physically attacked and threatened by armed men in the early morning of Oct. 1 in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, located in the northern state of Nuevo León. Read more »

Police and demonstrators attack 20 journalists during Independence Day protests in Brazil

The Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji in Portuguese) registered 21 cases of violations against 20 journalists during the protests on Saturday, Sept. 7. Police agents were behind 85% of the attacks -- or 18 cases -- most of which involved the use of pepper spray. The number may increase as more cases are confirmed. Read more »


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