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Journalists unions in Bolivia reject new life insurance law

Journalists unions in Bolivia rejected the Life and Disability Insurance Law for Press Workers enacted by President Evo Morales on Monday, Dec. 10, reported the website Los Tiempos. The proposed insurance would be paid for with one percent of the monthly total gross revenue of public and private media organizations and managed by a board with majority State representation, added the website.  Read more »

Bolivian police arrest four suspects for setting a radio reporter on fire

Bolivian police announced the arrest of a fourth suspect in the gruesome attack on a radio reporter who was set on fire live on the air on Monday, Oct. 29, reported BBC. Read more »

Bolivian reporter set on fire while live on air

Four assailants poured petrol on a Bolivian reporter and lit him on fire during his radio program on Monday night, Oct. 29, reported BBC. Fernando Vidal, owner and director of Radio Popular in Yacuíba, a city along the border with Argentina, is in critical condition, reported the EFE news agency. Read more »

Bolivian court rules insult laws against officials are unconstitutional

The Bolivian Constitutional Court ruled that insult crimes against public officials are unconstitutional, violating citizens' right to freedom of expression, reported the website Prensa Libre. While the decision was dated Sept. 20, the announcement was not made until Tuesday, Oct. 23, by Court president Ruddy Flores, according to the website. Read more »

Bolivian reporters flee to Brazil, claiming officials ordered warrants for their arrest

Two Bolivian journalists were forced to flee to Brazil after suffering legal harassment by public officials on Oct. 13, reported the newspaper Opinión. The reporters from Cobija, capital of the northern department of Pando, claimed that officials with the department Prosecutor's office attempted to arrest them, according to the newspaper. Read more »


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