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Despite errors, broadcasters get good marks on their coverage of Boston bombings

Viewers were forgiving of media fumbles during the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing last week but the credibility of one of the United States’ biggest news brands, CNN, was badly damaged, according to several sources.  Read more »

Need for speed leads to erroneous reports of an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing

Two days after explosions rocked the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring over 170, anticipation mounted on Twitter as news organizations reported that there had been a “major breakthrough” in the investigation. At 12:42 p.m., The Associated Press tweeted that authorities had arrested a suspect. CNN, Fox News and The Boston Globe quickly echoed the report. Read more »

On anniversary of Trayvon Martin shooting, journalist reflects on reporting race in the U.S.

Photo from the Million Hoodies Union Square protest against Trayvon Martin's shooting death. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Twitter's new video app Vine: The next big thing in social media newsgathering?

Vine, a new app from Twitter, could be the next big thing in social media newsgathering, according to some media watchers. Released on Jan. 24, the so-called “Instagram for video,” allows users to capture six-second looping videos and share them on TwitterRead more »

False tweet about Piers Morgan sparks media debate on proper use of Twitter

A bogus tweet that Piers Morgan had been suspended by CNN caught on like wildfire, re-igniting a debate among media commentators about Twitter use by journalists.

As Mathew Ingram, writing for GigaOm, asked: "So is Twitter part of the problem, or is it part of the solution?" Read more »

Marathon rescue of Chilean miners becomes global media spectacle

The event that was promised to be the media story of the week certainly lived up to its billing. The successful rescue of 33 miners trapped for 69 days 2,300 feet below ground has captured the attention of the entire world who followed the live broadcasts and constant web updates, CBS and the Association Press report. Read more »

Newsgames: Video games as a new way of doing journalism

A new book, Newsgames: Journalism at Play, considers gaming as journalism and how video games can be used to spread news, according to The Atlantic. Read more »

U.S. journalist uses Twitter to break 1,000-word story that traditional media ignored

The same online journalist who scooped traditional print media exposing New Republic writer Stephen Glass as a fraud who fabricated quotes and even sources, has done it again. Read more »


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