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Venezuelan media platforms use crowdsourcing to monitor campaigns and elections

Venezuelan media and transparency advocates have launched platforms to ensure that voters in the Dec. 6 parliamentary elections have an outlet to report irregularities in the electoral process.

The website Guachimán Electoral (Election Watchman) launched on Nov. 13 and soon began accepting complaints from Venezuelan residents concerning violations of voting rights or election laws. Read more »

Photo auction on World Press Freedom Day to benefit family of slain Mexican journalist Gregorio Jiménez

The campaign FotoXGoyo will auction on May 3 -- World Press Freedom Day -- several images donated by Mexican and foreign photojournalists in benefit of the family of slain reporter Gregorio Jiménez de la Cruz, who was killed in the dangerous southeastern state of Veracruz in February this year. Read more »

Journalists denounce restrictions on election coverage in Venezuela

Various journalists have claimed that their coverage was restricted during the recent elections in Venezuela, won by Hugo Chávez’s designated successor Nicolás Maduro.  According to the Press and Society Institute (IPYS), some local journalists had problems getting into voting centers and were impeded by the authorities. Read more »

Telecom group launches freedom of expression campaign in Latin America

​An organization created by members of the telecommunications industry launched on Dec. 5 a campaign to to raise awareness about the "oppressive circumstances" many media outlets face across the continent. Read more »


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