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Exiled in Costa Rica, Carlos Chamorro talks about how journalists are adapting to conditions of insecurity in Nicaragua

This story was edited and changed for clarity.

The press in Nicaragua has faced attacks and obstacles such as the concentration of media and the lack of access to information since Daniel Ortega came to power. But after the protests of April 2018, when the police violently suppressed protests against the Ortega regime, the situation of freedom of expression worsened to levels that Nicaraguan journalists did not imagine. Read more »

Nicaraguan journalists jailed incommunicado as Ortega government continues targeting of independent media

By Teresa Mioli and Silvia Higuera


It has been thirteen days since two independent Nicaraguan journalists were arrested as police entered the TV station where they work and forced it off air. Read more »

Police forces occupy newsroom of Nicaraguan media outlet Confidencial

For the past four days, agents from the Directorate of Special Operations (DOP for its acronym in Spanish) of the National Police have occupied the building that houses the newsroom of Nicaraguan news outlet Confidencial, reporting program Esta Semana and interview show Esta Noche. Read more »

'I denounce the dictator Daniel Ortega,' says editor Carlos Chamorro after police raid newsroom in Nicaragua

Officers with the National Police raided the offices of Nicaraguan news outlet Confidencial around midnight on Dec. 13, taking computer equipment and documents with them, according to reports from the publication. Read more »

Nicaraguan magazine accuses the Army and Sandinista party of spying on and harassing its journalists

Carlos Fernando Chamorro, director of Nicaraguan magazine Confidencial, said his country’s Army is spying on his publication and employees. Read more »

Central American news websites seek to join forces to cover the region

The news websites El Faro de El SalvadorPlaza Pública de Guatemala and Confidencial de Nicaragua are working on creating a consortium of Central American digital media outlets to cover the region. The group would seek to add other news organizations in Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama as well. Read more »


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