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Daily News Digest: Peruvian NGOs call on president to protect citizens' digital rights over copyright enforcement

Peruvian non-profits have launched a campaign asking President Ollanta Humala Tasso to ensure that Peruvians' digital rights are respected during the next Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting in Lima, which aims to set international agreements on online copyright enforcement. Read more »

Newspapers in Brazil say their boycott turned Google News “deficient,” reiterate request for payment

The National Newspaper Association of Brazil (ANJ) said the decision of its members to opt out of Google News en masse has made the service “very deficient” because it no longer has “the content with the highest credibility and quality in the nation.” However, ANJ reiterated its disposition to negotiate with Google a financial compensation for the use of the newspapers’ content. Read more »

Brazilian newspapers leave Google News en masse

Brazil’s main newspapers abandoned Google News after the world’s top search engine refused to compensate them for the rights to their headlines. The mass rush started last year when the National Association of Newspapers in Brazil, or ANJ, began recommending its members to opt out of the service. Read more »


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