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Peruvian investigative site Ojo Público develops algorithm to track possible acts of corruption

An algorithm against corruption developed by the Peruvian investigative journalism site Ojo Público identified that 40 percent of public contracts in Peru, between 2015 and 2018, have a risk of corruption. Read more »

Researcher to build Latin American corruption database sourced from newspaper coverage

Corruption, a common concern among citizens and journalists from several Latin American countries, will be the theme of an exclusive index for the region that plans to launch next month. Daily Corruption: News Feed & Database will provide quantitative and qualitative data on a range of relative variables for ongoing cases in 29 Latin American and Caribbean nations. Read more »

Festival remembers García Márquez's impact on journalism, showcases investigative successes of today’s reporters

By Jessica Diaz

Latin American journalists gathered in Colombia last week to commemorate Gabriel García Márquez’s impact on the profession and share how their reporting is fighting corruption in the region.

The Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for New Ibero-American Journalism (FNPI for its acronym in Spanish) hosted a festival in Medellín from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1. The organization is based on García Márquez’s beliefs on journalism, according to FNPI Director Jaime Abello Banfi. Read more »

Digital platform Poderopedia’s new chapter to analyze power networks in Venezuela

On May 3, World Press Freedom Day, Venezuela’s Press and Society Institute (IPYS) launched a new chapter of the digital platform Poderopedia, which helps visualize the connections that exist between powerful people in the country, the organization reported. The platform collects and presents information about political and business leaders in the nation, revealing conflicts of interest, spheres of influence and other connections. Read more »

Guatemalan newspaper director receives death threats after investigating local corruption

Guatemalan journalist César Pérez Méndez, director of newspaper El Quetzalteco, has received several death threats through phone calls and text messages in the last few days after his publication began investigating corruption cases that involve local authorities in the city of Read more »

Producers of Mexican documentary on court corruption sued for $2 billion in damages

Roberto Hernández and Layda Negrete, the producers of the Mexican documentary “Presumed Guilty,” are facing three different civil lawsuits for over two billion dollars in the Superior Court of Justice in Mexico City (TSJDF). Read more »

Peruvian journalist sues politicians, media outlets for digital intrusion as part of controversial corruption case

Peruvian investigative reporter Mónica Vecco filed a criminal complaint against five persons -- among them politicians and media directors -- for allegedly having broken into her email and using several messages out of context to accuse her of helping a fugitive escape the country. According to her complaint, the actions were part of a plan to discredit her and, ultimately, the recent congressional and journalistic efforts to investigate alleged acts of corruption committed during the administration of former Peruvian President Alán García. Read more »

Fujimori to face new trial from prison for bribing Peru’s "chicha" press with public funds

A new trial against Peru's former president Alberto Fujimori will begin on Oct. 17, this time for misappropriating almost $44 million from the Peruvian Armed Force budget. Fujimori is accused of using the money to bribe the owners of eight Peruvian tabloids of the yellow press, also known as “chicha” newspapers, and purchase their support during his third reelection campaign in 2000, the country’s anti-corruption prosecutor assistant, Joel Segura, told the news agency Andina. Read more »

Director of Brazilian magazine Época receives threats after publishing report on corruption scheme

The director of the Brasilia bureau for the Brazilian magazine Época, Diego Escosteguy, announced that he received insult-filled and threatening messages through Facebook from an anonymous user on Saturday, Aug. 10. Read more »


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