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Guatemalan court for crimes against women orders journalist not to "disturb" vice president

The director of Guatemalan newspaper elPeriódico, José Rubén Zamora, wrote in a recent opinion article that he will not pay a fine of 500 quetzales (about $63) – under the penalty of going to prison for disobedience – after defying a recent judicial order that bars him from "disturbing or intimidating" the country's vice president, Ingrid Roxanna Baldetti. Read more »

National Court of Ecuador clears journalist who faced 5 years in prison

The criminal chamber of the National Court of Justice of Ecuador has declared the journalist Freddy Aponte innocent. Aponte had been facing five years in prison for "fraudulent insolvency" -- not being able to pay a fine -- said the newspaper La Hora. Read more »

Colombian court orders National Police to correct statement given in 1996

In what has become a historic decision, the Council of State of Colombia ordered the National Police to correct a statement given in 1996 that affected two businessmen, said the newspaper El Tiempo.  The Director of the Police will have to give a press conference and correct the information given to a television news program as an “exclusive” that linked two businessmen with a drug cartel, said the paper. Read more »


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