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Drone coverage of tornado prompts U.S. government investigation

Not long after a massive tornado ravaged Arkansas on Sunday, April 27, Little Rock-based photojournalist Brian Emfinger used a flying drone to record a bird’s-eye view of the damage dealt by the cyclone. A day later, the United States Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) confirmed they were investigating the use of drones by journalists during the disaster, which the website Mashable described as an attempt to regulate the new technology. Read more »

More than 80 complaints over television coverage of Chilean fire

While a fire continues to ravage the Chilean city of Valparaíso since Saturday April 12, the country’s National Council of Television (CNTV) has received up to 81 complaints for television networks’ coverage of the natural disaster, reported the daily La Nación. Read more »

Haiti correspondent details aid-money corruption, media clichés in new book on earthquake coverage

By Nathan Frandino*
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12, 2010 nearly killed then-Associated Press correspondent Jonathan Katz. He was on the second floor of his home and bureau when the walls and floors buckled, collapsing under him. Read more »

Mexican journalists criticize government's silence on PEMEX explosion

Four days after a deadly explosion rocked the central offices of the Mexican state-owned oil company Petróleos Mexicanos, or PEMEX, in Mexico City, journalists are criticizing the lack of transparency and information about the blast that killed 35 people, according to CNN's website. Read more »

Media critics call press coverage of tragic fire in Brazil sensationalist

height="230"Front page of the newspaper O Globo the day after the fire with a poem above the headline. However, the media was roundly criticized for sensationalizing its coverage. (Photo: reproduction).

In the shadow of mass shooting in the U.S., questions about social media’s role in breaking news

Social media’s growing reputation as a news source got two black eyes this fall, first from rumor mongering on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy, and then from the media confusion surrounding the events of the mass shooting in Connecticut last Friday, Dec. 14.   Read more »

After coverage of mass shooting in Connecticut, calls for restraint and verification

The U.S. media’s coverage of a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school drew admonishment from media critics and calls for reflection on how the media deals with breaking news. In the aftermath, media critics offered suggestions on how to report more responsibly real-time news in a networked news environment.  Read more »

Book on resistance in Mexico exemplifies collective effort to tell stories beyond the tragedy

The Mexican organization Periodistas de a Pie launched on Dec. 2 at the International Book Fair of Guadalajara its most recent collective project, Entre las Cenizas: Historias de Vida en Tiempos de Muerte. ("From the Ashes: Tales of Life in Times of Death" in Spanish). Read more »

Gruesome photo sparks debate over journalists’ role in a crisis

​“DOOMED,” thundered the New York Post on its Tuesday, Dec. 4 cover, with the image of a man seconds away from being struck by a subway train. The victim, Ki Suk Han, died later that day from his injuries, according to the Post. Read more »


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