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Hurricane Sandy coverage illustrates creative emergency reporting

While residents of the United States’ East Coast hunkered down for Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday Oct. 29, they had plenty of online coverage to follow, reported Poynter. Besides maps and online video coverage, the storm prompted newspapers along the eastern seaboard to pull down their paywalls and open access to storm coverage, the website reported. Read more »

Colombian police apologize for attack on photographer

A member of the Colombian National Police attacked a photographer on Tuesday, Oct. 23, reported the newspaper Vanguardia Liberal. Ana María García, photographer for the newspaper El Tiempo, was covering a serious accident on the mass-transit system of Bogotá, the capital, when the officer attacked her, according to the newspaper. Read more »

Collaborative mapping of fires in Brazilian favelas showcases possibilities for crowdsourcing the news

Brazilian reporter Patrícia Cornils got a surprising response after sharing on Facebook a Google Docs worksheet listing fires in the favelas of São Paulo. Several people joined the collaborative reporting project that became Fogo no Barraco (Fire in the Shanty), an interactive map that cross references data on fires with real estate appreciation near the affected areas. Read more »

Environmental stories take top prizes for best reporting in Colombia

The Colombian magazine Semana and Brazil's state-run oil giant Petrobrás awarded the Semana Petrobrás Journalism Awards, recognizing excellence in South American journalism. Read more »

U.S. news media plan special coverage for 10-year anniversary of 9/11

As the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approaches, U.S. media are planning their special commemoration coverage, and looking back on how journalists covered the event in 2001. Read more »

Hurricane Irene: Media hype or useful coverage?

Now that the threat of Hurricane Irene, the third deadliest to hit the United States since 1980, has passed, media critics are questioning whether journalists went overboard, or whether non-stop hurricane coverage might in fact have saved lives, according to the Christian Science Monitor. Read more »

Mexican TV station criticized for suspending broadcast of soccer match during firefight

On Aug. 20, 22 soccer players started to run for the locker room before the first half was over in Torreón, Mexico. Television anchors and commentators could hear gunshots and explosions outside the New Corona Stadium where the Santos and Morelia teams were playing. Read more »


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