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New computer crimes law in Peru threatens freedom of information, organizations say

The President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, enacted the Computer Crimes Act last week, which criminalizes the unauthorized creation and use of electronic databases, among other things, with up to five years in prison. Several lawyers and journalism organizations have criticized the law, saying it will endanger Peruvians' right to freedom of expression and information. Read more »

Webinar "Data-driven Reporting" with New York Times editor Aron Pilhofer

Data-driven journalism – or the set of skills to filter information, analyze it and create databases – has become an indispensable tool for journalists trying to help audiences make sense of ever-growing sources of information. Read more »

Costa Rica’s La Nación newspaper pioneers investigative data journalism in Latin America

In 1994, journalist Giannina Segnini founded a one-woman investigative unit—herself—at Costa Rica’s La Nación newspaper. Since then, the unit has grown into a five-person team that is trailblazing data journalism in Latin America, according to Read more »

Brazilian journalists, programmers come together in country's first hacker marathon sponsored by newspaper (Interview)

On the one hand, there are reporters that are eager to tease out available data and extract valuable information about public administration. On the other hand, there are technology enthusiasts that are trying to find ways to build mapping and information visualization tools that can circulate on the world web. What happens when you put these two groups together? Read more »

Round two of Knight News Challenge to open May 31, focus on data

The Knight Foundation has announced round two of its Knight News Challenge, which begins May 31 and continues through June 20. This second round is focused on data, seeking applicants with ideas about how to "help unlock the power of data, by collecting, processing, visualizing or otherwise making it available, understandable and actionable," according to the announcement on the Knight Blog. Read more »

Digital platform created by Knight International Journalism Fellow will use open data to monitor Amazon rainforest

There is already enough public data available to follow the destruction process of the largest rainforest in the world, but what is missing is a way to aggregate all of the available information and make it easier for the public to understand what is happening to the Amazon. Read more »

Argentine, Brazilian data journalists named Knight International Journalism fellows

The International Center For Journalists (ICFJ) has announced the newest recipients of the Knight International Journalism Fellowships. Among the fellowship recipients are Argentine journalist Sandra Crucianelli and Brazilian journalist Gustavo Faleiros, both of whom will be focusing their fellowships on data journalism. Read more »

Brazilian newspaper launches blog exploring world of data journalism (Interview)

Following the steps of newspapers such as The Guardian (United Kingdom), Los Angeles Times (USA), La Información (Spain), and La Nación (Argentina), the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo launched on its website the blog "Afinal de Contas," or After All, the first in Brazil to explore the world of data journalism. Read more »

Unraveling data scraping: Understanding how to scrape data can facilitate journalists' work

Ever heard of "data scraping?" The term may seem new, but programmers have been using this technique for quite a while, and now it is attracting the attention of journalists who need to access and organize data for investigative reporting. Read more »


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