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Cuban authorities release five dissident journalists after brief detention

Update 10/18/2013: According to Reporters without Borders, all three journalists, along with Denis Noa Martinez and Pablo Morales Marchán (correspondents for Hablemos Press) who had been arrested Sunday, were released on Oct. 14. Read more »

Two Cuban journalists arrested during activist Oswaldo Payá's funeral

Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez reported through her Twitter account that seven people, among them journalists and dissidents, were arrested during the funeral of activist Oswaldo Payá on Tuesday, July 24. Read more »

Cuba’s last jailed journalist is released into exile

Dissident Cuban journalist Albert Santiago Du Bouchet, who had been in jail since 2009 for defamation, was freed by the Cuban authorities and exiled to Spain, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reports. The government had already released the journalists who were among the 52 dissidents jailed during the 2003 “Black Spring” crackdown. Read more »

Cuba frees last journalist arrested in 2003 Black Spring crackdown

Human rights organizations and freedom of expression groups celebrated Cuba’s release of one of the last jailed dissident journalists. Pedro Argüelles, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2003, was freed last week, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune.

“I’m a civil liberties fighter, I have a commitment to Cuba, to human rights, to freedom and a commitment to democracy – that is my vocation in life,” Arguelles said, quoted by the Tribune. Read more »

Cuba reveals that dissident journalist in fact was government agent

Cuban television revealed on Saturday, Feb. 26, that an ardent anti-Castro, independent journalist is actually a State agent, according to the news agency DPA. Read more »

Cuban journalist released from prison can remain on island

Cuban dissident journalist Iván Hernández was freed from prison Saturday, Feb. 18, after spending eight years in jail. His release comes in the latest round of political prisoners being freed, which started earlier this month. Read more »

Cuban dissident journalist released from prison against his wishes

Even as two imprisoned journalists are refusing to eat in protest against the Cuban government, on Saturday, Feb. 12, Cuban authorities freed another independent reporter -- who has spent the past eight years in prison — in the latest round of political prisoners being released from jail, reported the Miami Herald and the Associated Press. Read more »

Exiled Cuban journalist complains of poor living conditions in Spain

Dissident Cuban journalist Julio César Gálvez, who was freed in July 2010 by Cuba after seven years in prison, complained that the living conditions of his exile in Spain are not what he was promised. Read more »


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